Thursday, July 19, 2018

Translation from Germany: Alfred Schaefer’s trial...

Translation from Germany: Alfred Schaefer’s trial: Alfred made the judge furious! (Jewish?) Prosecutor needed medical attention!! 


[One of my German supporters kindly translated this from German and gave a summary of what happened. Alfred is doing a FANTASTIC JOB in Germany! He’s daring to do what nobody has tried.

Just one sad point: Alfred is on trial because a member of his family turned on him and told the authoritites about him. This is just like South Africa where whites who are scared of the system destroy other whites out of fear for what might happen to them if they keep their mouths shut! It is sad, but understandable that people turn on each other. I found that my family gave me ZERO support related to my own political activism. Sadly, this is how the Jew scares and divides us and then we are stuck with these new problems in our ranks. So its sad, but with time, nonsense like this should become less. Whites will get stronger!

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Voltman said...

I propose a toast to the great Alfred Schaefer.

"Alfred is doing a FANTASTIC JOB in Germany! He’s daring to do what nobody has tried."

"I am delighted that Alfred made the judge so angry that he needed a recess in order to compose himself! He has clearly never met such an “insolent” (read: FREE & PROUD German) in his life before. He’s expecting Alfred to grovel like a DOG, which Alfred clearly will not do.

We don’t know if the prosecutor bitch is Jewish or not, but it seemed the stress caused her to need MEDICAL ATTENTION – which is plain fucking awesome! Alfred is the victim here. Alfred doesn’t have a gun; but Alfred is already causing CASUALTIES – which is fantastic.

What’s not mentioned here is that Alfred did the NAZI salute 3 times on the first day AND Alfred told the court that he does not recognise their jurisdiction because only the Third Reich is the valid and legal govt of Germany! I think that was plain fucking FANTASTIC! That must have caused blood vessels in the judge’s head to pop. (Fuck him!).

I think Alfred has done a marvellous job. I see that the Lioness Sylvia Stolz was herself arrested. That poor woman and her husband, Horst, have been through hell. I think its fantastic that they’re standing up for themselves knowing full well that they cannot win and that the system will punish them more and more. There are thousands of Germans who’ve gone to jail for standing up for the TRUTH.

The truth is critical for all whites everywhere and you will still see why it is critical that we even be prepared to DIE for the TRUTH. The TRUTH is everything. I’m waiting for more info. But I really like the way Alfred has handled things. He’s done a superb job. He’s forced them to watch his videos and listen to him. I think that’s a BRILLIANT MOVE.

I think finally, the information that new Germans are coming to the trial; listening and AWAKENING – I think that’s the best thing of all. I think Alfred has done a MARVELLOUS job by going on the attack. I think its fantastic. Its time that whites just stand together and begin spitting in the face of the Jews and the Elite and stand up for the TRUTH regardless of what happens. The TRUTH will heal so many wounds in our race. The truth is EVERYTHING. We must stand by it and fight for it, and if need be, die for it. 14/88 Jan]"


Yes sir, General Alfred Schaefer showed these court muppets the meaning of Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing BUT The Truth. These overrated and overpaid posers have been begging to have their bullshit shoved all the way back where it came from!

Bravo Monsieur Alfred Schaefer!!

La prochaine fois, faites-leur le signe de la quenelle à la Dieudonné!