Sunday, August 12, 2018

Zap Wants To Get The Monkeys Off His Back

Awaiting a video on my part to better explain what happened.

For those of you who do not know, I was charged with armed assault without even pointing that BB gun at anyone. I just had it in my hand and kept it along my leg thigh. This happened 15 months ago and I plead guilty last month just to make sure not to lose my apartment.

The thing is that my limited family and or friends would not have the money to pay my rent while in jail if I had lost the case.

I had a witness but the cop lied about his statement which was a big part of my decision to plead guilty.

After I plead guilty, the prosecutor grew a conscience and actually told the truth about me not pointing the gun at the four plaintiffs.

It's raining outside so I can not make the video which would explain the whole thing much better than I can with the written word...I will update this post with the said video ASAP.

In the mean time, I have a 1600$ fine to pay.

On the 16th, I have to show up for my first probation officer appointment so that I can be "rehabilitated". So far, I've gotten enough donations along with my own money to give them 250$. The thing is that the faster I clear the debt, the faster I get those probation monkeys off my back.

In any case, if you can help, please do so via the "buy zap a cup of coffee"which is totally facultative. I'm sure I forgot to mention multiple details but once I update this post with a video of what happened, it will be more obvious as to how they screwed me.

Thanks for your consideration

P.S. It's my birthday in a couple of days so don't be shy. LOL.


Zeebra said...

hey zap; u start with "For those of you who do not know," but, was there a part 1 post some time back? U should link it!

I'd like to send u some coin; would need to set up a (((paypal))) acct first, not enthusiastic about that prospect. Infact, surprised they haven't pulled on your acct for "HATE" !!!

thx for getting the shows up; been hanging around here for 5+ years :~)

zapoper said...

I wrote: "For those of you who do not know," because Graham and Brizer mentioned it at the end of their show here:

About Paypal. I guess we're too small for them to bother with but I do expect at some point that they may do that. I also expect this blog to be deleted at some point in the future too.

We will see.

If Paypal turns out not to be your cup of tea then it's ok too and thanks for thinking about it.

I created my account back in 2005 so I don't know what sort of info they now want when you create an account in 2018.

Zeebra said...

U might consider setting up a bitcoin acct -- popular avenue of exchange now for red-pilled types like your base here. And, ostensibly anon.

& BTC is on sale, bumping along at $6450 today
click those 1w, 1m, 3m, 1y etc times above the graph to see the wild ride.

I don't have a BTC acct myself atm; but pretty sure you can open one & barely "fund" it (if at all?); it would mostly act as a donation receptacle for u.


Voltman said...

Don't you know you're going to shock the monkeys?!

Shock the monkeys to death.

Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey (Live in Athens 1987)

The Guess Who - Rain Dance

Where'd you get the gun Jean?

P.S.: Put some Grand Marnier in that coffee!

Hasta la Rasta,


Voltman said...

Happy Birthday Zapop!


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Voltman said...

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Voltman said...

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Voltman said...

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