Friday, September 28, 2018

"Hello, handsome"

"Hello handsome," said the spider to the fly.

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wanda said...

Lol. I'm for anything that makes talking about our Jewish problem a household thing. I think it really fries some cookies out there... from trying to rename it to Gentile Defense League to accepting honorary Jews, you know, token Jews, into the movement. A wide variety of voices wishing to control the conversation. Oy Vey !!!

I, myself, have one bit of constructive criticism concerning their peaceful protests, a.k.a. chat raids and that is this... instead of hitting a channel with a barrage of all over the map Jewish crimes we listen to the on-going conversation and point out how Jewish tinkering in our societies has led to the problems being discussed. You know... kick it up a notch intellectually.

If the subject is Migtow, for instance, we could mention how that was a Jewish plan to increase tax payers and destroy the family... because there is, literally, no aspect of our lives that doesn't have a Jewish taint on it.