Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Alison Chabloz (Taken from a posting on Facebook)

October 6, 2017 ·

Spirited greetings to all after 48 hours detention including four arrests, one de-arrest, six hours' custody at Charing Cross (Desk Sergent: Alison, you're definitely not the usual kind of customer we get in here).

Bundled into police van, filthy, freezing cold, no seat belt, no seat! Three hours of hell to Chesterfield then car to Buxton. Finally charged at eleventh hour for causing yet more musical gross offence to delicate flowers desperate to see me detained on remand for alleged breach of bail.

Court hearing in Chesterfield this morn. Great lawyer. Not guilty plea. New charges transferred back down to Westminster Mags for legal argument hearing October 25th. No change to bail conditions.

Loveliest court guard was as happy as me: You're saying everything that everyone thinks but daren't say out loud. I made it quite plain in my interview that if the authorities wish to lock up a politically incorrect singer, then they can go ahead.

Good luck to them. Alison Chabloz


Allat Goddess said...

Blessings Miss Alison!

THe U.S. is the last bastion of Free Speech, but the jews are pressuring Congress to ban it!

Noli me Tacere! (I will NOT be quiet! )

Unknown said...

You're brilliant Alison! Keep it up and keep good spirits - around the world we're cheering you on

Jew_ ron_im-o said...

The "delicate flowers" will wither,and die,when the public regain consciousness.