Monday, October 8, 2018

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.10.08

Graham and Brizer's guest: Paul English

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froz said...
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TheSquad 2039 said...

A lot to go through in this show so please forgive my lengthy response.

Do ye guys really believe that ye can separate Christian culture from the religion? How are you going to protect the people from the zealots? The major problem I have with this whole word of God concept is that everyone can read a paragraph and each take a different meaning from it. But it is those with the most influence and power who in this generation decide what the actual meaning is, and in the next generation of influencers another meaning is decided. And they are the ones who dish out the punishment. That’s very dangerous, and has proven itself time and again to be so.

No one can argue that we have not been brought up in a Christian European culture. It’s a bit of a redundant arguement to me. But before Europe was Christian there was another culture and it lasted far longer than our Christian culture. The culture that destroyed it! We were Sun worshipers. As someone who honors my ancient ancestors and worships the Sun. Am I not a heritic according to your law book? What does your law book say should be done to me as a heritic? And has it not dammed our ancient ancestors to Hell. They obviously had laws in our old culture, as the Druids were not just priests, they were also lawyers who gave advise in courts, they were astronomers and healers. It speaks volumes on how brilliant these men were as they relied on their memory and passed down everything they knew through the spoken word and Ogham in some places.

Paul mentions the first church, that it was in England and that the Druids accepted it. He states this as fact from just one source written only a couple hundred years ago. Then he moves away from the question which asked was Jesus European. If what Paul stated was true could it not just as easily have been a Jew or a group of Jews who came to England seeking sanctuary. What made them Europeans? I find it hard to believe the Druids would be so accepting of early Christians/Jews (a different religion) when they hated the Romans (wars and invasions aside) who had a closer view to them on spirituality.

Graham you hit on the real trinity. God, Allah and Yahweh. They are all one and the same thing. And look at the division and suffering all over the world that this trinity has caused.

Paul said it’s swearing alliegance to God, his God. So I would have to convert. I would have to stop teaching my children to worship the Sun and Nature and stop them from following natural law. Maybe because of our current situation a blind eye would be shown to my heracy, I would not have to convert but just accept this book as common law. And when we succeed in regaining all that is ours. What of my grandchildren and great grandchildren etc, who I hope will also honor our ancient spiritual ways. Will the zealots continue to turn a blind eye or will my offspring find themselves locked up or worse, tied to a stake. Do they not face the same danger by being Kafars to Muslims as being heritics to Christians? It impossible for ye to insure anyone’s safety unless we become like the Muslims force everyone to convert and follow your law book to the T. Which means accepting the religion as part of our culture.

The biggest mind zoggle of this whole show is that the three of ye are promoting a book we must turn to and accept as law to save our race. A book in which the three of ye admit to not fully reading. Call our culture what you want but that is insane. I think it’s very naive to look back only to Henry VIII and the English reformation and think all was acceptable before then. Just look at how the Normans destroyed and massacred our lands and people. We were an oppressed people all of us. There is so much more that can be said about the “happiest place on earth” as that book describes it but the simple truth is that it wasn’t, unless you were of a certain blood line. You can’t cherry pick a couple of books when we have mountains of other books giving us information about that time.

TheSquad 2039 said...

Paul should check out the BBC2 production of I Claudius from 1976. Its really good and one of those few times when a tv/movie production is on par with a novel. However the whole Livia done it point of the novel/tv show is just a cover up for all those death. As it was the usual suspect who were the cause of Augustus and Romes woes.

Charles has many issues with the Bible not just that Jesus was a Jew. Far from it. He goes a lot deeper into that book and religion. Your not giving Charles work enough credit by saying he is just highlighting contradictions because he is not reading it the right way. Which is the way ye want it read. Or that what he says does not make you feel all warm and cosey.

I think in the interest of fairness and the truth. And to show that what ye are doing by trying to convince us that the Bible is our law book and that it is 100% in the interest of the betterment of our race and survival of our children. Ye should have either Paul or Andrew or both on to debate Charles. At least let them make their case and debate with someone who knows the Bible inside out.

Somehow though I can’t see that debate happening and it’s not because I don’t think Charles would be unwilling to do it.

Brizer said...

@TheSquad 2039. Yes I hear what you are saying here and you make some very valid points. The Bible is a complicated book and many people take it too literally. However, when translated back to Hebrew (not a jewish language btw but Welsh and Gaelic...the joos robbed it of course) and back to English again it is a totally different book. All I can ask you is if the Bible is taken out of the courtroom and replaced with the Talmud what will you do then? You will have Talmudic/Noahide/Communitarian Law which is of no use to the goyim and will condemn us all to death. Christianity at this moment in time, not thousands of years ago, good or bad, is our only chance right now of fighting back against the joo. Paganism has also been infiltrated by the (((New Age)))crowd as has Odinism etc so is that any better?? Are you going to condemn white people, most of whom are Christians, to the joo gulag just because of their beliefs? C'mon man, we need to unite and sort this shite out later. We have one enemy now and we know who that is so let's deal with it. Btw, I am not CI and being an Irishman (like you going by your avatar) I connect with my ancient ancestors long before Christianity ever came along but I always like to hear a different point of view and I have a lot of respect for Andy Hitchcock (whom I met personally) and Paul English. We're all on the same or no bible.Thanks for your comment though. Slainte!