Tuesday, October 2, 2018

You have no one to turn to

Except for the loving embrace of the State

No more real heroes, only celebrities, easily manufactured and replaced

Day after day, they prove it to us, again and again. We can’t trust what our government says. And that means we are not standing on firm ground when we make decisions that affect our lives. Therefore, no matter how many noble platitudes these corrupt bureaucrats throw at us, we can never be sure if they’re true, and more often than not we find out that they aren’t.

Worse than that is you can’t ever get a straight answer from the government about anything. The notorious Attorney General John Ashcroft killed the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) back in 2003, with a memo to federal government departments not to cooperate with people seeking government records. And now they don’t.

The big crimes remain unsolved. The rich get away with murder. Individual attempts to find truth and justice are permanently thwarted, and their champions often murdered surreptitiously. With each passing year our lives are greatly diminished.

There used to be heroes in American movies. That all changed in the 1960s, some time after the first Kennedy assassination, when Hollywood trumpeted a new style of movie, one which featured the anti-hero. Charles Bronson, as the homicidal avenger of nasty criminals, comes to mind, setting records (at the time) for the number of people he gunned down in a single film.

It was an excellent way to destabilize society by glorifying violence. Today that impulse has metastasized and putrified to the point of openly urging blacks to shoot whites.

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