Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of CA Fires


Zeebra said...

just to note, this vid is a year old, ref'ing last Fall '17 when similarly 'anomalous' fires were destroying the SF North Bay.

Many more vids re last year's fires at their channel, but I notice this year they're audibly silent,

zapoper said...

ROFL @ the name "captain John Lord"

Amanda said...

sgtreport has video Enemy @ Front Door that talks about the fires, starts at 4 min mark

I haven't looked into the latest fire, but for one of previous fires, I saw trees on fire from the inside.

Have visited the comments section at zerohedge and some have said something about clearing a path for some kind of bullet train

Scorpio said...

I used to live near this area and have friends there who have lost everything. The exact causes and technologies used are up for debate but everyone I know up there are saying that these are not normal fires. Truly tragic.

Amanda said...

Yes, Scorpio, truly tragic and horrific.

Amanda said...

California Fires- DEWs?
Entire neighborhoods reduced to ash while nearby trees remain unscarred?

He has images from elsewhere and suggests that it's not just in CA that they have used these