Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Alan Buttle Radio Show 2018.12.29

The Anti-Zionist / pro-Palestine movement is as Jewish as the Zionist one.



INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I have asked at many places and noted many times at my own shops, that at the height of the golden age, in the wonderful flowering, all over the paradise, basking within the great blinding scientific behemoth and social eden that was the Levantine coast and trotskyjihad no one ever, ever, ever stopped the slaving of white women. Never an answer from the heroes.

It all needs glassed.

One thing that can be stated without contradiction is that the barrenwastelands of the attentionspacedheffers don't give phukk. they whore the money grows.

Keep up the good work alan.

Alan said...

Sex slavery of young white girls and boys is still absolutely rife in "high" (low) Judeo-Masonic society all over the world, as they are the purest, most innocent, good and beautiful. The Satanic Judeo-Masonic elite want to abuse the very most innocent, presumably for some Satanic energetic spiritual reason. I wonder where andrenochrome comes into all this ritualistic industrial paedophilia as well. There's no doubt that white slavery is still going strong today. Thanks for your support INCOMING!!!!!!!!! :)