Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Myth of the 20th Century #104 - 2019.01.16

Screening Sandy Hook – Deanna Spingola

Whenever a crisis occurs – especially one with tragic overtones such as that with Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 with the shooting of 20 children – all manner of people come forward to offer opinion, speculation, and conjecture on agendas and theories that only have a tenuous connection to the truth. While a free society welcomes these perspectives, a rigorous society meets these with an equal amount of skepticism. In the case of Sandy Hook, stories about gun control, school safety, home schooling, and metal health abounded. Little focus, however, was paid to the extent to which the shooter, Adam Lanza, was on massive amounts of prescription drugs. Today we are joined by radio host Deanna Spingola, who spent three years researching her book ‘Screening Sandy Hook’, to uncover to what extent the pharmaceutical industry has come to dominate American society, the government, and in many ways large segments of the media.

Myth of the 20th Century



The Ogster said...

Painful first 10 minutes

You must trust government records, primary sources

More shite

The Ogster said...

27 mins in

Early she stated that she believe a "Foreign" entity was involved in Sandy Hook

25 or so, she adds a cavote, she is now blaming Nancy the mother for giving firearms to a retard

Or can she not see that the whole story is a fairytale, that's why she can't understand the mother

she's nuts

The Ogster said...

am at 36 minutes

After all her spiel about sources, she's going on about this Dr. Fox and what he gave Adam or didn't give him, records never released blah blah

Next sentence she finds it fishy that Dr. Fox up and left the country

So her research used stuff from a dodgy source, say no

wanda said...

Yep... the SPIN-Goala fall from grace, in my opinion. Sure, she does some good work, but a thing like what she done there with Sandy Hook puts all of it into question.

Drew Carter said...

You people here are "Clueless"!

Deanna has done more to expose the corruption, that we find ourselves in and she has always done her research with "integrity"!

Deanna's body of work stands by itself.

Deanna is one of the very few researchers, who will admit that she may be wrong about "this" or "that" as evidence emerges.

Not one of you criticizing Deanna can match any of her research, your just lemmings - who follow "researchers" like Fetzer.

Listen to what Deanna is saying! No other researcher out there today uses "Primary Resources"! Why? You might want to ask other researcher's that question - but You never have to ask Deanna.

90% of Alter Native media is repeaters, and talking heads who never look at "any" source documents!

Sandy Hook - is a honey pot! Designed to keep idiot researchers tied up in minutia for years to come.

Demeaning Deanna at this point over Sandy Hook, is like saying Eustace Mullins - isn't credible because - he didn't research WACO - to the same standards We want!

Why is it that any researcher who insists on "source" documentation is mocked, and laughed at? The answer is painfully obvious.

There are so many talking heads, in the alter native media who do zero research, they love to laugh at Deanna, I know who should really be laughed at.

Deanna has done more to further our knowledge of the fake reality that we live in - than almost any other researcher I can think of!

It's illustrative that she is now a Target.

This is what the Alter Native media has become, and why I refuse to have anything to do with the slate of hosts - who try to "weasel" money out of their listeners by mocking one of the greatest researchers that we have seen.

zapoper said...

First of all, there is only one admin here who is vocal about his disagreement about Madame Spingola.

Second, not everyone agrees with him but that is cool.

Third, After all the years that I was posting her shows, she only thanked me in private. I'm sure it had to do with the site being called Mami's shit.

Then there is that little "moron" who still have not figured out how to use "mp3DirectCut" but she still pushes this guy even though the audio editing is bad.

Frankly I dropped Spingola because of all the chicanery it engendered during and after Sandy Hook.

Fourth, GET LOST!

zapoper said...

BTW. I'm sure I posted this show because I hate her. Ask her next door neighbor if I truly hate Spingola LOL. I never did and never will.