Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Patrick Timpone is doing a show about Andy Gause and he is trying not to cry.

I will post it soon. It seems to be a tribute to his life.


The Ogster said...


zapoper said...

I wrote that I will post it soon. It is still recording.

John Miller said...

Nice guy...this Andy, RIP
but I never heard him saying: We, the American people, NEED to take the CONTROL of money OUT of private jew hands and put it where it belongs: Into the hands of the American People !!
We, the people, own now 2018, a &%$#@ clique of international jews, - "Federal Reserve Banking System"- 21 trillion Dollars !!

zapoper said...

He was talking on CBS. It's still amazing that he got away with what he was saying.

John Miller said...

Oh yes, Andy was a great story teller... RIP
Andy Gause fans should watch this Youtube video : 'Andrew Gause discusses monetary events leading to Sept.11'......published by 'My Spinning Head' on Sept.10, 2015
There one can listen to one of Andy's "stories"..
Andy says : ".....buckle your seat belt"....
He is telling his breathless listener how the Treasury of the Japanese Empire in the 1940 s was moved by the Japanese ".. something around 300 000 metric tons of Gold was moved to the Philippines and buried.."
I repeat : "300 000 metric tons of Gold" !! !!
1 metric ton = 2205 lbs..... 300 000 metric tons are how many lbs. ??????
Andy continues his "story" by telling his breathless listener how the Japanese " went like a vacuum cleaner through all countries of South East Asia and looted all their gold..., they went from house to house....."
I was trying not to cry and my head was spinning when I listened to this "Story"... wow...
PS : Certainly...Andy, the great story teller, didn't forget to mention, by the way... " The Nazi Gold..."