Monday, January 7, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.01.07

Brizer's guests: Billy McGuire and Rowan Croft (aka Grand Torino)

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Zeebra said...

heard the Rowan/Grand Torino hour #2.

was hoping he'd get red-pilled re the JP (Israel/Kalergi-Plan orchestrating Muzzie EU invasion, which Rowan is an activist against), and/or some Q-anon talk, but both hopes dashed.

was a good informative hour anyways :~)

Zeebra said...

maybe Rowan needs to invest the 6+ hours into watching Dennis Wise's "The Greatest Story Never Told".

I know Graham (& Brizer?) has mentioned how that documentary really wrenched his whole paradigm. That, & his Charles Giuliani interview(s) around ~3 years ago? Graham was let go from his former People's Internet Radio show/platform, after his newly-woke mouth wouldn't shut up about the JP! lol

Brizer said...

@Zeebra Thanks for your comments. I have met Rowan personally and he is clued into the JP. He cares deeply about what is going on in Ireland and across the world. He has to be careful though because if he brings the JP up on his YT stream he'll turn those newbies off and also face getting bumped off YT which is his main outlet right now. His mission (while we have still some semblance of freedom of speech) is to bring in newbies on the bread and butter issues facing Irish people today (migrants, cultural marxism, austerity, banksters, corruption, evictions etc)and he's making very good progress. We have to start somewhere with newbies and the best place to start is at the beginning and hopefully they can move on from there. That's what happened to me back in 2008 when I woke up and it's been an incredible journey since. I don't agree with everything he says (Trump, Q etc)but I do agree with a lot he does say and he's getting out there and doing it. In my opinion he's a decent guy who cares and his heart is in the right place. That's good enough for me.

Zeebra said...

@Brizer good to hear re Rowan & the JP.

Many #KosherMAGAs (fill in your country-- by MAGAs I mean anti-NWO nationalists) around, beating the anti-muzzie culture/invasion drum, but staying silent on the JP orchestrating! Rowan was big into that "Free [zio agitprop tool] Tommy Robinson" hoopla, & mentioned to you how much #KosherMAGA Cernovich's book woke him... I usually give such voices the benefit of the "benignly ignorant" doubt, wrt their silence on the JP.

I hear U & Rowan on the dilemma of not scaring off the sheeple by cutting straight to the JP root. Took me YEARS to slowly deprogram from that indoctrination, & very early on, I'd've been scared off by a joo-wise person trying to red pill me too fast!

TheSquad 2039 said...
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Zeebra said...

New Adam Green Know-More-News, 1h 39m:

How to DEPROGRAM an Alex Jones Supporter

Zeebra said...

TheSquad said: "Rowan is being played (or perhaps playing) in a psyop and if he starts shilling and leading our people astray. I don’t care where he says his heart is. He becomes the enemy too."

^ way too black & white, binary, for my taste. Like I said above, I give the benefit of the "benign ignorance?" doubt to peeps I barely know, who are nominally "nationalist/anti-NWO" but who spoil that by mixing with regurgitated zio propaganda, IE the "evil/savage muzzies wanna eat our babies!" memeplex. Regurgitating (((their))) anti-muzzie agitprop ("projection", actually) just helps brainfuck the population into (((their))) Clash of Civilizations (Christian vs Muslim) agenda where we destroy each other, & leave only the JP still standing, laughing.

Gatekeeper/propagandists like AJ, OTOH, get NO benefit of NO doubts!

TheSquad 2039 said...
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Max Smart said...

Always with the 'fascism.' You can sense this dude, who to my knowledge steers clear of the one true enemy, the jews, feasts on disinfo coming from the likes of STD Report, which never mentions jews either and attributes societies ills to FASCISM!

Fascism, fascism everywhere - the only effective response to (((communism))) and cultural bolshevism. When will these ignoramuses learn the difference. There is no freedom of speech in communism or fascism. With fascism, there is no free speech because it is jews who undermine communities using subversive, degenerate propaganda, breaking up families, militating against Christianity, lobbying for open borders.

When jews are present in societies, freedom of speech ought to be limited. It is both necessary and desirable.

It's the jews and communists who are in charge, not fascists. Fascism is anti jew to its very core.

Big difference.

Better fascism than faggot.