Thursday, January 17, 2019

When I told people that some muslim terrorists have been given permission by their mullahs to have gay sex...


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

would a damned good laxativing at the airports flush the buggers out? I suppose that homeland security must have this one covered. what is the suicide bum bomber's tells if he's full of wassabi manoil and allah's semtex? does s/he squeek through the chertovbodyscanners? or can you smell the anointed a mile off?

will RF mixing at whoreshops and stripjoints, a la 9/11crewstylee, cause the disco floor to need polishing? can coke cause cock stall?

I suppose the Saudi CSI labs have done the R&D. GGTF yahkhaants!


Al-lat said...

As to the mad Butcher of Yemen: "I have a little list of people who wouldn't be missed"