Thursday, January 24, 2019

Who controls American institutions?


Zeebra said...

I'm fairly new to the twatter world (~1y), with a couple K of mostly "conservative" followers/ees mostly from those "follow back trains", and I routinely see those anti-muzzie agitprop tweets trying to keep the "eeevil muzzie savages wanna take over the world & EAT YOUR BABIES!" joo deflection/projection agitprop drumbeat going. Joo "Clash of Civilizations" propaganda, IOW.

I just roll my eyes, & if I have time I drop a few #GreaterIsraelPlan #KalergiPlan #FakeTerror #FalseFlag #DancingIsraelis #IsraelDid911 type hashtags, & maybe a vid like this 4m jobee,

"Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn ; Yousef al Khattab"

The Ogster said...

what's your handle on twatter?

Zeebra said...

Ur @Ognir2 there right? I just followed U, see ur notifications. For whatever surely futile 'reason', I try to keep my 'anon' accounts on big joo social media so "they don't know each other" (IE they're same person). But U know me; we've even skype chatted ~3 years ago when I was in Thailand.

Earlier on twatter, I was hard headed about not following-back anyone whose profile snapshot had izzy flags, stars of david, etc... & even block them, thinking they'd only bring me trouble, given what I tweet. Then I softened on that, figuring most are benignly-naive useful idiots, Christo-Zio dupes... who may be saveable from their joo spell. & If even they're too over-kosher-cooked, the bigger benefit is reaching their 1000s of followers who may benefit from my comments/hashtags/memes/vids posted in reply to these joo agitprop tweets, which often get RT'd.

a "Movement" isn't really "moving" anywhere, when its proponents voluntarily contain the 'message' to only their own choir.