Thursday, March 7, 2019

2009 TiU interviews CYNTHIA MCKINNEY, blows the lid off of the ISRAEL LOBBY!!


The Ogster said...

Anyone have any news from our buddy JoeBlow?

Last time I spoke to him, he was out of the mental institution and was looking for a job,
then went black, never heard a word since and I hope he is doing well at least


Voltman said...

"One woman, Cynthia McKinney, a member for Georgia, had dared to refuse the pledge. Four hundred congressmen signed it; they preferred their own personal advancement to the good of the country. Ancestors of Cynthia were slaves in her native Georgia. But she is one of a very few free persons in the US Congress. As we Israelis were used to say about our Golda Meir, she is the only man over there. She is a black woman, but she is the whitest man of them all, they would say before the Politically Correct era."

Where Is That Vaunted White IQ?
Israel Shamir • March 7, 2019

Unknown said...

Hey Ognir! Was glad to see you here at Mami's. Saluting you for all you did with TIU. I had the same thought regarding JoeBlow, painful story, and only now we start to understand how deep is satan's grip on Sweden. All the best.

Panzerfaust said...

@voltman IQ does no good if one lacks intellectual and moral integrity.

Panzerfaust said...

Shout out for another courageous woman of color, LA teacher Patricia McAllister. They ruined her career for daring to speak the truth.

John Miller said...

That's 10 years ago and what happened ??? NOTHING, you "Americans" are still being f*ucked in the arse by these bastards 24/7