Saturday, March 16, 2019

A Glimps At The Arrest Of Brenton Tarrant

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Brenton Tarrant, gestures as he is lead into the dock for his appearance for murder in the Christchurch District Court on March 16, 2019
Brenton Tarrant, gestures as he is lead into the dock for his appearance for murder in the Christchurch District Court on March 16, 2019 Credit: Getty 
Is this guy a minor? Why does he have his face blurred? Nevermind the Freemason 666


Red Orchid said...

Official narrative does not support lone gunman as second "attack" was conducted five minutes after first.

But it looks like narrative is heading towards a "Lone Nut" scenario.

Rolling video on RT inside mosque does not reveal holes in wall, blood or broken windows.

Funny how FB was down just before all this happened.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

"All those Lord of the Rings creatives and talentos in stay behind op" That makes more sense as a head whine.

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

RED FLAG: He has nothing bad to say about Israel in his manifesto! Surely this guy would know what was going on. And he supposedly wrote his entire manifesto in 2 weeks? Because he deleted the rest of his writings in "a moment of unbridled self criticism"? How goddamn convenient. Even I can see this one and I am an idiot. PSYOP!

Red Orchid said...

"The Australian accused of the deadly shooting at two mosques in New Zealand traveled around the globe, including Eastern Europe, Turkey, Pakistan and probably North Korea. Authorities in several countries are probing his trips.

Before his shooting spree left 50 worshipers dead and 40 people injured in Christchurch on Friday, Brenton Harrison Tarrant published a manifesto where the 28-year-old mentioned visiting Pakistan, North Korea, Turkey, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Iceland, Argentina and many other countries. Now, some of these states are investigating what he might have done there and whether he picked up his radical ideas during his travels.

One of those countries is the UK, as the gunman called for the murder of London mayor Sadiq Khan. Tarrant accused Khan of working to "replace" the majority-white British people with Muslims. MI5 is now looking into Tarrant's possible links to far-right radicals in Britain that he might have established during his European visits.

The bodybuilder and personal trainer from a small Aussie town wrote that he was able to fund his many travels after successfully investing in cryptocurrency.

Bulgarian security and intelligence chiefs held an emergency meeting following the Christchurch shooting, as the Eastern European country was one of Tarrant's most recent destinations.

The gunman was in Bulgaria between November 9 and 15 last year "to visit historical sites and study the history of the Balkan country," Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov, told the media".
From RT
Looks like he forgot, or they forgot to mention Israel.

Red Orchid said...

I think New-Zealand should stick to playing Rugby.

Debate and reaction of all those honest upright men and women who may have to surrender their firearms, is non existent.

Remains to be seen if Prime minister Jacinda ardern gets her way.

Unknown said...

Is it just me or does the windshield show no sign of being shot?

Al-lat said...

That was fast! The the Feds didn't waste time, did they?

This shooting "happened" to have been 50 islamcis at once. The sudden shock was because there were a bunch, but the islamics have been tgorturing, raping, slaughtering non-islamics / Whites, ONE BY ONE, for a long, long time.

Raping of girls in the U.K. , Germany and elsewhere.
Cutting off heads, beheadings of the two girls in MOrocorr, the heads of 50 Yazidi women found in Syria, and such horrors.

But God forbid, that Whites should turn the tables, and hit islamcis, back!

NO< NO! That 's :"terrorism" and can't be allowed!