Saturday, March 9, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein - The Billionaire pedophile who got away

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Voltman said...

Huffington Puffington Washington Boast

Lolita Lolo Frigida and Frigitte De la Stomp
Are going down to Epstein's Bar with full regale and pomp
For crooked crony crocodiles ballooning in the swamp
With money monster pedophiles colluding with the Trump

Goldman Sechs with Zew York Slimes and other filthy swine
Are poisoning the feeble minds and keeping people blind
The Huffingtons & Puffingtons, the BrainWashington Boast
Are suffering from Porkinson's, their destiny is toast

The Vile And Destructive Nature Of Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

Paul English does a good job of deconstructing this nonetheless very revealing piece of mind-twisting propagangsta... These liars (or ignoramuses) (most certainly hypocrites!) are REAL DENIERS! Everything they deny is Truth. They are pathological deniers. Denialists. I can't deny it.