Thursday, March 28, 2019

Know More News w/ Dr. E. Michael Jones

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Voltman said...

Great interview once again by Adam Green!

Dennis Prager:

"when jews left judaism, they stayed religious but the religion that they affirmed tended to be any form of leftism rather than judaism; jews have been taught by judaism to make a better world; that is the message of the prophets and... if they were'nt going to do it through ethical monotheism which teaches that God demands ethical behavior, they'd do it through secular
ideologies. They invented all the "isms"..."

Mister Jones agreed wholeheartedly with Dennis Prager ((( a truth speaking zionist ))).


From Diane Harvey, One of the greatest writers I have ever discovered.

Dreams Of The Two-Legged Lab Rats

" We who are being experimented on as a way of life certainly do have our dreams. Every day we are run through an increasingly complex labyrinth of genetically engineered food, undrinkable water, the steady deadly rain of unbreathable chemtrails, and the jangling pulses of electromagnetic chaos. The maze is getting smaller and smaller, with ever more invasive procedures being applied to manipulate all of our activities. Secret experiments, open experiments and everything in-between: all of it designed to force us into fear, dependency, weakness, stupification and stupidity.

The entire elaborate construction of the so-called civilized world is carefully and incessantly being modified to function as a more impenetrable, less obvious and ever-more-inescapable maze for conducting experiments in human and systemic engineering. The sheer scale of the maze, and the breadth and depth of the experiments is exhausting to try to keep up with, kept on the run as we are. We are kept so busy force-marched at top speed through the tiny pathways left to us inside toxic governments, toxic military programs, and the overall toxic global corporate grip, that nearly all we have left is our dreams. The chocolate sprinkles, those decorative treats of television and movies, bigger cars, bigger houses, cleverer electronics, and a rat race up the corporate ladder, are merely more debilitating aspects of the maze: just so much junk-food materialism for caged souls. Above our heads, behind our backs, beneath our feet, the predatory controlling mechanisms only get worse. So we dream.

We dream of freedom, of course. "The rat work suggests that dreams may be a rehearsal". Why yes, our best dreams, daydreams and night dreams alike, are definitely a rehearsal for an evolutionary revolution and mass escape from the degradations of lab rathood. We don't see a way out yet. Nevertheless in our dreams we know very well we are not born to serve as profitable and highly expendable lab rats for a relatively few demented groups of power-maddened greed-ridden experimenters.

Under such deeply stressing and distressing conditions, we human lab rats are currently still chewing on ourselves, biting one another in sheer frustration, and in general, tending to blame each other or other groups of rats in adjacent cages, for our current genuinely miserable fate. "

For the rest of the story:
Dreams Of The Two-Legged Lab Rats
By Diane Harvey

These dreams were written in January of 2001...

HEART - These Dreams


The Making of a Monster: We’re All Lab Rats in the Government’s Secret Experiments

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John Whitehead – The Rutherford Institute March 26, 2019