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The Realist Report with John Friend 2019.05.19

The Realist Report - Abirato From Fakeologist

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Zeebra said...

listening now; but noticed ur "Info page" link points to the wrong show ;~)

zapoper said...

I fixed it. It was a sloppy copy and paste job from Ognir lol. I was not going to post that one.

zapoper said...

I have not listened to it mind you. It might be good. I'm just a tad sick of everything is fake type of deal.

Og said...

Maybe Zap watch and then comment

zapoper said...

OK. I'll watch it. Where do I get the video from? LOL

micktherighteousgentile said...

9-11 Was carried out by the you know who’s…….

Jew Lew Eisenberg was New York port authority commissioner in charge of Twin Towers 9-11, When State owned.

Jew Ronald Lauder Director of NY & NJ privatization scheme for Governor Pataki, Twin Towers privatized.

Jews Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy bought 99 year lease on Twin Towers, destroyed 5 weeks later.

Jews Silverstein & Lowy took out double terrorist attack insurance, paid out 5 billion upon destruction.

Jew Larry Silverstein & daughter Stayed away from Twin Towers on 911, missing regular breakfast meetings.

Israeli based Odigo messaging system warned 4000 Israelis working in and around Twin Towers/Pentagon,

Only 4 Israelis died.

Jew Alex Diamandis vice president of Odigo confirmed to FBI that message was sent 2 hour prior to attack.

Israeli firm ‘Zim shipping’ broke lease at WTC and moved out days before 911, paid large fine to do so.

5 Israelis, Silvan & Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Omar Marmari and Yaron Schmuel arrested on 911, ( ‘Dancing Israelis’).

2 suspects (Israelis) arrested near Washington bridge in van full of explosives, reported on US news.

5 Israelis arrested failed Polygraphs, later released and admitted on Israeli TV to being sent to NY to ‘Document’ the event.

All worked for ‘Urban Moving Systems’.

Urban Moving System was confirmed as a Mossad Front entity

Jew Dominic Suter, owner of Urban Moving System fled to Israel after FBI visit.

Building 7 was not hit but collapsed on 911. Collapse announced 20 minutes before event by BBC.

Jew Larry Silverstein owned building 7.

Larry Silverstein admitted, “we decided to Pull It”. (A Demolition term).

Jew Michael Chertoff was assistant Attorney general in charge of the criminal investigation of 911, NOT ONE HELD !.

Chertoff later became secretary of homeland security, ordered all Israelis set free.

Chertoff oversaw the rapid destruction of evidence on 911.

Zionist owned junkyards (2) quickly cut up steel from TWC and shipped it to Asia.

Israeli owned security firm ICTS ran CCTV cameras and security at all airports connected with 911.

Jew Ehud Olmert, Mayor of Jerusalem secretly in New York on 911

Jew Ehud Barak in London on 9-11, Benjamin Netanyahu in London on 7/7, was warned prior to bombings.

Jew Rabbi Dov S Zacheim Comptroller of funding at Pentagon on 911 when 2.3 trillion dollars went missing

Jew Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of NY for 12 years after 911

Jew Philip Zelikow executive director of 911 commission report, total whitewash !.

Jew Kenneth Feinberg Special master 911 compensation fund for those families that accepted compensation

Jew Sheiler Birnbaum oversaw settlements with 96 families who refused to accept payments from Feinberg.

Jew Elvin K Hellerstein, Federal Judge oversaw all 911 litigation. His son was defence lawyer for ITCS !.

Jews Kroll & associates WTC security with Jew Maurice Greenberg AIG criminal.

Jews designed and run the 911 memorial.

Pre & Post 911, The US secret service uncovered the biggest Jewish spying ring in American history and Deported over 200 Israelis, some posing as art students.


Tim Osman said...

Thanks, a bunch of those names I didn't know of, like Zim shipping

Something very interesting virtually nobody knows about is the 9/11 connection to solar eclipses

For instance, 9/11 occurred 191 months, 10 days (191 months, 11 days with end date) prior to the 2017 Great American Eclipse

Much more detail here:

Ross said...

... and 911 days after the event was the Madrid mass transit system event, which was replicated in London 0n 7/7/2005 (2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 7) i.e it was 7/7/7 when 13 people were sacrificed outside Tavistock House. Regarding the New York event, I did read somewhere that the first tower fell as Sirius rose above the horizon in New York, and the second tower fell when Sirius ascended the sun (and that a dog, named Sirius, died in the basement of one of the towers). Does anyone have confirmation for all that?

Tim Osman said...

There's some reference to your question here:
I can't confirm that point personally though

Sirius supposedly died as WTC2 fell. For all we know, it could be a complete fabrication just to complete the ritual, if true then that is highly coincidental because it would have been the only 9/11 K-9 fatality (and of course K is the 11th letter, thus symbolizing 9/11 in reverse)

Flight 175 allegedly hit WTC2. Sirius is sometimes called The Silver Star, which equals 175 in reverse ordinal.

Note the occult numerology with regard to Sirius:

Alpha Canis Majoris = 175 (jewish ordinal)
Alpha Canis Majoris = 88 (single reduction)
Sirius the Dog Star = 77 (full reduction)
Sirius the Hero Dog = 110 (single reduction)
Star System Sirius = 110 (single reduction)

Sirius was an 'explosive detection dog,' which sums to 777 in primes and 88 in septenary gematria, the latter of which is coded in Hollywood movies in conjunction with Sirius

David Lim was Sirius' partner, which also equals 777, but in jewish gematria

Also note Sirius' badge number, 17
The 17th tarot is The Star Tarot Card

Hollywood Sirius programming pre- and post-9/11:

Tim Osman said...

What happened to the last comment? Last time I recall having a post deleted was on the old AOL forums around 2006 talking about 9/11 lol