Wednesday, May 15, 2019

live - Targeting Iran w/ Christopher Bollyn

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Voltman said...

"If THEY do anything, it will be a very bad mistake"...
- President Tramp

Maybe some people will do something? Like on 9/11?

Maybe the punk thinks a war with Iran will boost his ratings? Make him more..."Presidential"...?!

John Boltoff, who has more than a screw loose, might send "some people to do something"? Will he adopt Insane McCain's role?

How about sending Plumpeo to fight on the front lines with the Israeli Demented Freakazoids (IDF)?

Get Macron, Trudeau, Merkel, Ardern and May to take up arms and go fight those disobedient Iranian terrorists! Send in the clown prince of shoddy Arabia!

"If THEY do anything, they will suffer greatly"...
- Donald Drumpf

Like Brother Nathanael noted:

"If starvation by sanctions doesn't work, let's maim and murder them instead."

The grotesque lack of decency expressed by these phony little pipsqueaks who side with Bully Netanyahu is as plain as the smirk on George Wonderful Bush's face when he said, the day after 9/11: "you're either with us or you're with the terrorists."

I got up on my highest chair that day and proclaimed:

Come on Back to the War
By Brother Nathanael Kapner on May 15, 2019