Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.05.20

Brizer's guests: John Friend, Dennis Wise and Paul English

Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3

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Albert said...

Because of the PROBLEMS I Couldn't LISTEN-To the PREVIOUS TWO-Shows !!! :-(
-- Can SOMEONE Provide a WORKING-Link to Them PLEASE !!! ;-)
-- THANKS !!! :-) :-) :-)

Albert said...

A WORKING-Link for THIS Show ALSO PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Albert said...

Ahhhhh !!! :-)
-- The "DOWNLOAD" WORKS when-One-Clicks-it !!! :-)
-- So I CAN LISTEN THAT-Way !!! :-) :-) :-)

zapoper said...


Starting with Rense tonight, I'll be testing a new hosting service that allows hotlinks. This means that the players should work like before. I will also reupload the Graham Hart show to that server allowing the players to stream through the new links. This is all temporary. Grab what you can when it is available.

zapoper said...

Never mind. Hotlinking is not available on that platform either.

Zeebra said...

I typically keep Mami's open in a browser tab, & return & refresh it a few times daily. So when U "pin" (post-date) an entry, it's not obvious & I refresh page & see it still sitting there, & I move along assuming it's still the latest. So I was doing that all morning today, & finally scrolled down to see what other older shows I maybe missed, & found the missing current Rense/ACH/Duke shows I expected.

I know Hart/Brizer are a special Mami's proprietary show, & I enjoy them, but just sayin. :)

zapoper said...

Yeah. I thought that may be the case for some. It is labeled (Sticky Post) but I will also put it in the title like I just did. Next time you will know.

zapoper said...

BTW. Great career move on Ben's part not showing up on the Graham Hart Show. lol

Zeebra said...

thx zap! I was afraid I'd get flamed for that observation... :)

RE "Ben", 1st thought came to mind was Owen Benjamin whose show I'm playing now. It's a break from his usu ~2h monologue; this one's shooting the shit with his MOM! And it's terrific.

blake121666 said...

Hey Zap, I know you're into music, check out this girl who plays the theremin:

I'm sure we've all messed around with theremins; but she can play it like it's a violin or cello or something! Skip to around the 9:00 mark to hear that!

She's actually able to control the theremin with a discipline I've never seen before.