Monday, June 24, 2019

A little Bit of Donations Please (Update)

The goal has been reached. Thanks to all who donated and also to those who wanted to but could not. Much appreciated.

So this is what is going on. does not do monthly payments. I need to give them 49 USD ASAP since many people have had problems with Koofr. BTW. is up there in terms of security, zero knowledge and fast downloads but the servers are in Canada. I'm just worried about them banning me like the other services have done. (Thought crimes or BS whining jews?). Although being treated like I was in California, I'm up to trying the Canadian version of not so subtle censorship.

I have also been working with an IT guy to create a "mirror" of the site on wordpress. Without going into details, it's been more complicated than it should have been but if google decides to delete this blog, then we will be ready to transfer to a server. 100 USD for him too.

I don't know if you guys remember the absurd BB gun thing but my last payment for that is due. 150$ CAD on the 9th of July.

So this is all coming to a head at the same time which is expensive for me.

I just need a few donations: 150 USD and 150 CAD.

Please do what you can and I will publish a post as soon as I get the goal which will say: " You just donated enough money "!

P.S I hate doing this (the ego and all) but I really need it.

Thank you!


badbeta said...

You are almost there now zap :) Wife was feeling generous today

zapoper said...

Is that Linda? Because if it is, something weird happened. The donation is in paypal but I never got an email alert for that donation. I was calculating how much I had so far by adding the numbers from the email alerts. Then I go into paypal to get the emails of the donators to start thanking them and that is when I saw that my numbers were not matching with the paypal ones. I scroll down one or two guys and then a see the "Linda anomaly" LOL.

To answer your question, the goal is almost reached. I just need a few small ones now.

Moreover, everything is in CAD so I have to "translate" how much 150$ USD is in CAD to have a more precise number.

Thank you both!

zapoper said...

Up to date numbers.

Total donations: 260.77 CAD

Taking out the 150 USD (198.27 CAD) out of that leaves: 62.40 CAD

To reach my goal, I still need 87.60 CAD

Thanks to all!

Og said...

haha whiny jooz looking for shekels lol

As I've said to you privately, you should ask more often

badbeta said...

Yes it is Linda, and we are happy to help. :)

zapoper said...

Down to 67.80 Cad needed for my goal. Thanks to James with a 20$ donation.

@ Ognir. Like a replied to you in private, I don't want to over do it and only ask when I really need it.

zapoper said...

Down to 44.80 CAD to go thanks to a 23$ donation from Miguel.

zapoper said...

Down to 28$ Cad to go thanks to George with a donation of 10 GBP