Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Judge rules against Sandy Hook

Judge rules against Sandy Hook denier from Dane County

trial for damages is next step 


Zeebra said...

Hey Og thx for reposting this story.

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Zeebra said...

from the article:

"Fetzer has also advanced conspiracy theories about the Sept. 11 attacks, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the shootings in Parkland, Florida, and other events.

Zimmerman said a trial to award his client damages is to be set for October. Pozner is asking for $1 million."

Ironically, Fetz may want to scramble to relocate to FL, dumping most of his assets into buying a home. Coz if I understand correctly, FL is still unique in being the only state where (real estate, at least) assets can't be seized stemming from court judgements. That's why so many (((white-collar criminals))) buy/own property and/or live there - asset protection in case their shit hits the fan.

Zeebra said...

@ Fetzer's blog

Sandy Hook “Pozner v. Fetzer” Lawsuit: Judge Rules Against Sandy Hook Denier

June 18, 2019 James Fetzer


coincidenceskeptic said...

Never enter a courtroom without an attorney. I learned the hard way. What do you do if you cannot find an attorney who will take your case? I do not know.
However, this issue has added to my suspicions regarding Fetzer.
Anyone who claims to be a JFK Assassination researcher and delving into hoaxes will eventually stumble upon the evidence that does more than just suggest that the JFK incident was fake.
As for Pozner's case, are you not required to prove standing and damages?
Back to Fetzer - enter Halbig, who claimed that he was at Columbine and it was a real event. So, Halbig is a fraud and Fetzer never outed him. Bottom line - Two frauds.
But, who cares? Really. I mean, there are fake courtrooms all over the country. They even held the fake OJ murder trial in a real courtroom on TV.
Studios are still making money on that hoax. Being a human Pez container did not hurt Nichole's career - See Megyn Kelly.
All I see is entertainment. The low end to distract the masses and the masses reaction as entertainment for the 0.00001%.
If you paid no attention to any of it your degree of happiness could only improve. After all, media are the terrorists. We know who runs it. We know their agenda. Everything else is just commentary.

zapoper said...

It is hard for me to believe that Fetzer did not know the outcome of it. I've got friends saying that he's naive. I don't buy that for one second.

I'll have to call him on his show at some point and ask him the real hard questions.

Smells like BS to me.

Nice to see you commenting again coincidenceskeptic. You're my favorite Jew. LOL

Amanda said...

Sorry this turned out this way, but I'm not surprised--courts in this country are just as corrupt as the rest of the govt.

I've listened to Fetzer for years, and I have to say IMO this is who is he--he's very naive. Although he's done lots of research into the evil committed by this govt. he still always seems to hold out hope that it's not the entire government.

Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Never enter a courtroom if all your evidence is hearsay with no factual merit, and completely fabricated bs. Never!

Zeebra said...

Dave Gahary apologized to Pozner in person, & pulled the book!

Look forward to podcasts discussing WTF happened.

"Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" publisher apologizes to dad of murdered boy

Fetzer has this tweet re the loss,

& this pointing to a "Goldfish Report" he was part of yesterday,