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Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2019.06.15

Powers & Principalities Episode 106

The OJ Simpson Murder Trial

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Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Back in the day, I used to believe OJ was guilty, but since the media has lied to me about so much, I recently decided to go back and look into this myself.

I listened to audios with Stephen Singular, author of Legacy of Deception, who says that prior to the trial he was contacted by a whistleblower in the LA criminal justice system who said OJ was being framed by the LAPD, and told him that Fuhrman planted the glove at OJs and that there was EDTA in the samples of OJ's blood found at the crime scene (which means the blood samples actually came from his arm the day after the crime when he met with police and gave them blood which was put in a vial with EDTA). Other helpful books were Joseph Bosco's A Problem of Evidence, Donald Freed's Killing Time, and Niles Mercado's When Prosecutors Attack. I am now convinced that he's completely innocent and that it was a drug hit.

The media was clearly in the bag for the prosecution and they completely ignored an downplayed information that would exonerate OJ, and they completely ignored the fact that there were drugs all over this case. The Mezzaluna restaurant was basically a narco restaurant where people got cocaine, and with a number of the waiters working as drug dealers including Ron Goldman (researcher TH Johnson found out that Goldman was a confidential informant for the LAPD with a huge criminal file, Ron's step mom was ex-wife of big drug mafia guy, Marvin Glass). There are also a number of other deaths connected to this case, including Brett Cantor a nightclub owner/friend of Ron and Nicole who was killed a year earlier in the same way.

Here are some interesting sites with more info that was hidden by the media

Also, the day after the murders, Nicole's parents told the coroner that the last time they spoke with her was 11pm. But since this would exonerate OJ, who was in the limo to the airport at the time, the time was later changed to 10:17 and then 9:37 to fit with the prosecutor agenda of blaming OJ. Official phone records were never provided to the court. OJ tried to sue to get them, but the prosecution blocked him.

More on the phone call here:
At 35 sec, you can see Coroner Report, where it is reported Nicole was last alive at 11 pm talking with her mother on the phone.

Also, in Killing Time, I learned that other LA prosecutors were highly suspicious of the evidence (thought it was planted and warned the prosecution). Apparently, back in the day, Marcia Clark was the one to go to when you have a problem with the evidence.

More that was hidden by the media is here: (there were several witnesses on the flight to Chicago who testified that there were no cuts on his hands--they were staring at his hands while he signed autographs for them)