Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Fetch destroys lying (((bjerkenes)))


YUKON JACK said...

Bjerknes is a 100% disinfo agent, giving him air time only adds confusion.

His anti-Hitler, anti-Putin monologue is tiring.

His non-stop revisionism of every event as a Putin plot is sick.

According to him Putin is the aggressor all over the Middle East.

Notice how he doesn't go after the western Zionist criminals. As a Jew Bjerknes is very good at stirring confusion into every argument rendering the listener's mind impotent.

You know when you interview a crazy person like Bjerknes then that makes you look crazy.

Bjernkes = Alex Jones = disinfo specialists

Og said...

but but (((adam green))) loves to have him on
spreading shite

I thought we put him to bed 10 years ago with DBS

YUKON JACK said...

I thought so also, I wrote an essay (now deleted by Wordpress) titled the Jew Jerk Bjerkes. Notice how he doesn't expose the real problem makers like Trump or Netanyahu.

Have you seen this shit? Trump the super Jew whore song:


Chorus: Super Trump, He is the Prince of Jerusalem,
Super Trump, He also touches the sky,
Super Trump, A song of praise from the city of Zion,
He blesses the mouth of the supreme,

If the whole world stands against us,
And only Micronesia is rooting for us
When the sons of Ishmael harm our land
Don’t you worry Trump takes a stand,

Chorus: Super Trump, He is the Prince of Jerusalem,
Super Trump, He also touches the sky,
Halleluya from the city of Zion,

For our Lord, he fights like a lion,
If ISIS cries out SOS,
And Gaza and Hamas will start to melt away
If UNESCO friends BDS,
Don’t worry, Trump will guard us,


Iran is cracking seeds all morning,
And the world is quiet and silent,
One day she will be about this dearly,
Super Trump is always guarding


KnownUnknown said...

Green was back on infowhores pimping people like OConnell - who doesn't have very nice things to say about Green lol- so now I really have to wonder about Know More News.

Charlie G mentioned KMN on a recent podcast, we'd better be careful or Kyle will fire him lol

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

nice one. So the Arizonan is keeping the borders open like a good freek.Open gates as usual. Lime filled trench. As ACH often understates it is not that they will soon be talking our shite it is that they constantly talk shite. How come he's got a roof over its head?

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

BTW love and kisses to the Cheltenham cross dressers who've got nothing to do all day but facilitated dead persons. hello Utah bitchboys.

Red Orchid said...

MP3 file of this would be good. Some of us can't get Bitchute?

Dennis Fetcho said...

@Red Orchid

All guests on Inside the Eye - Live! are provided their own wrap-up page. This particular page is located here:

Additionally, you can view all guests over the years here:

The MP3 files are embed on the wrap-up page as an audio play or via >right click > download on the play start button or link.

Red Orchid said...

@Dennis Fetcho

Thanks for that. I'll be listening soon.

YUKON JACK said...

Here's my Bjerknes essay, originally posted July 11, 2017 on my blog "Keep Talking About the Jews" now deleted by anti-American and anti-First Amendment Jewish criminals controlling Wordpress.

Note: graphics didn't loaded, text only:

"Once a Jew, always a Jew say I. Be aware of the well poisoner who goes by Christopher Jon Bjerknes who will sink your patriotic pro-white organization with his insane theories about Einstein or Putin. This Jew Jerky has taken a big turd into Kyle Hunt’s fishbowl and is now tainting Red Ice Radio. Wake the fuck up! He’s a Jew! You can never trust a Jew! No Jew can tell the truth and letting them on your radio show is the death of your credibility!

You can not trust dissenting Jews like Makow or Bjerknes. Jewishness is a blood disease, no Jew can ever completely throw their Jewishness because it runs in their blood and is part of their collective soul probably because the Annunaki created a special bloodline for their earthly representatives, and this bloodline is Jewish which is why the Jews are obsessed with who they marry and reproduce.

First Bjerknes tries to take down Einstein from his lofty post, and now Putin. Why not let the physicists and historians argue about Einstein’s ideas and his sources? It is common in scientific research to build on others ideas to formulate theory. Scientists will eventually find out the truth about who came up with what, if Einstein cheated he will be eventually outed by the scientific community.

Claiming Einstein is a pathological plagiarist is a good way to sell books, but why not just go all the way and admit that all Jews are pathological liars and plagiarists? Just look at the Jewish holy books which were all stolen, forgeries of the Sumerian and Egyptian dynasties. Jew lie period. It is in their blood to lie. They can not tell the truth. Get that? Let me spell it out clearly. Jews lie, that is all they do.


Letting Bjerknes on your show brings into question the sanity of those radio hosts. Going along with claims that Putin is waging a war of terror on the world is going against all the facts that we know. It is obviously Putin stepping in to stop the ISIS terrorists. We know who is arming and funding ISIS and we know who is behind ISIS. Israel is ISIS and Israel controls the United States whore vassal nation.

Bjerknes is a blatant propagandist: he claims that Russia is part of the Jewish war of terror and staging false flags like the United States. What evidence is there of Russia staging any false flag terror? Putin has been exposing the false flag setups that frame Assad. What this Jew jerk is doing is poisoning the well with disinformation, to muddy the waters, to create fog, to make people so confused they don’t know what’s up or down.

Poisoning the well (wikipedia)

Poisoning the well (or attempting to poison the well) is a fallacy where irrelevant adverse information about a target is preemptively presented to an audience, with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing everything that the target person is about to say.

If you care to listen to the first couple of minutes of Christopher Jon Bjerknes by Henrik Palmgren: Putin’s Reign of Terror: The Permanent Revolution in our Time

1. Putin is not waging a war of terror, he is obviously one the sane actors trying to stop it. All the evidence points to this and not the opposite contention that Putin is secretly in on it with the New York and Washington and Israeli Jews.


YUKON JACK said...

2. Putin is not working with the Neocons to destroy Syria, clearly Russia is worried about the Zionist plan to destabilized and fracture the entire Middle East because it will spill into the central Asian Russian states that are predominantly Muslim, see this map:

3. Russia is not being run by Trotskyites or is trying to expand it’s territory. The Bolsheviks have come and gone. Russia has suffered greatly because of Jewry and it is logical to assume that Russian nationalists have taken control and ousted them.

4. Putin is not trying to reconstruct the Soviet Empire, he is trying to save his nation from Anglo-Jewish predation. The Jews are on the march, they want to take the whole planet, they are starting with Palestine, then taking Greater Israel, then the entire Middle East etc. Russia is stopping them in their tracks.

5. Everything Putin is doing is to stop the destabilization of Syria which would result in a wider war that would eventually the southern heavily Muslim populated Russian states. Russia has operated legally and morally in the war caused by the Neocons and Israel. Putin’s war in Syria is destroying ISIS – which is an Israeli proxy army armed and funded by the USA.

6. Additionally Putin has acted with restraint as Trump and the Jewish deep state have play nuclear chicken in Syria, trying to goad Putin into doing something to start WW3. Putin has not taken the bait when Israel/USAF have antagonized Syrian/Russian forces. Putin didn’t take the bait in Ukraine, and thus we can see that Putin is a masterful player and not being fooled by Jewish treachery.

7. Jews are furious with Putin for stopping the northern advance of the Greater Israel Project. Jews were also furious with the Czar Nicholoas II so 450 Jews from upstate New York went to Russia and killed him and his family. So do not underestimate the lengths they go to subverting and destroying any opposition, and be particularly aware of any “reformed” Jew trying to lead the truth movement.

Red Flag being raised: Bjerknes is also a frequent guest on Renegade Broadcasting.

We must always be aware that Jewish directed intel is constantly subverting the truth movement, and to be aware that any truther organization that degrades other truthers is an intentional strategy. Anyone who is prominent front and center like Alex Jones is in all probability an agent provocateur. Putting your face out there is extremely dangerous and those that do are being covered because they are cointel pro.

Likewise, don’t be fooled by those who attack Jonestein in order to win trust in the truther community, that is exactly what they must do to center themselves then lead the truth movement another direction. The internet is a big mind fuck game and you can not trust anyone especially with any organization that is trying to lead. The truth movement must always remain non-hierarchical.

Bjerknes is a blatant propagandist and anyone who allows him to spout his Putin’s “reign of terror” nonsense should be viewed with skepticism. Bjerkes is a Jew and never forget that Jews always lie even when they claim to be reformed or a dissenter. The Jew crybabies can not stand the fact that Putin entered the Levant and completely crushed their dreams of Greater Israel. This blatant Jew jerkoff propganda has fallen short, Caesar Putin still reigns supreme."

YUKON JACK said...

Anyone who has hosted Bjerknes should examine their own process on how he got on their show. Who recommended him?

Adam Greene has cast a dark shadow over his own credibility by allowing him on - then agreeing with his hysterical viewpoint.

Obviously if you put yourself front and center on the Jewtube then don't you think the intel agents will try to worm their way in and destroy you? Bjerknes is an ace well poisoner, he renders your listeners completely confused an mentally impotent on the motivations state actors waging war in the Middle East.

Te purpose of Bjerknes agent is to destroy the credibility of the host and destroy the truther narratives like who actually runs and supports ISIS. His Russiophobe narrative is obvious ploy to get the truthers back into the Zionist fold.

If Putin dropped thousands on bombs on ISIS he was killing Jewish commanders and Jew proxies, that makes him opposed to Bibi Netanyahu who is running the ISIS army. This is why Bibi has frantically gone to Moscow many times to negotiate.
Bjerknes flips that around and he wants you to believe that Putin is somehow working with USIsrael and ISIS when plain as day you can see he is blowing the ISIS to smithereens.

It was Putin who stopped ISIS and the Greater Israel project. Don't forget that, and what Trump saying it was him is a blatant lie. Trump is a super Zionist WHORE of Israel, he has little control of what the military does, he is just a puppet pretending to be CIC.

Og said...


You are never posting again here as long as I'm an Admin

Now FUCK OFF ya cunt

badbeta said...

Anyone know more about the background of Adam Green? His about-me link on know more news is less than informative and he really looks like a chosenite to me but I've been wrong before.

Alan said...

Where's the bit where Fetch destroys Bjerknes?

Og said...

hi Alan

Maybe we should do a little audio together

Skype Ognir3

Alan said...

I'll add you and yes let's talk soon. It's too late for me today though.

KnownUnknown said...

The part where Bjerknes makes unsubstantiated assertion after unsubstantiated assertion then can't deal with Fetch setting him straight on Al Zwahari which he claims is unsubstantiated assertion.

You know, the sort of thing you do. "Putin is working with Communist China" and is there anyone who doesn't? Of course for you that's proof positive that EVERYONE is a communist - but somehow just chose to hid it.... Like your assertion that Assange is faking jail, its idiotic...

Alan said...

Haha that's funny unknown. Did you know that Putin donated a whole month of his own salary towards the building of the largest Jewish museum in the world in Moscow? Did you know he's always shadowed by top members of the Chabad Lubavitch? How do you explain his incredibly tight relationship with Israel? This is not a one-way relationship either! Putin is very close with all sorts of very rich Jews which make up the famous "Russian oligarchy". Re. multi-award-winning Assange - who else with this kind of trophy cabinet is on our side!?

2008, The Economist New Media Award
2009, Amnesty International UK Media Awards
2010, Time Person of the Year, Reader's Choice
2010, Sam Adams Award
2010, Le Monde Readers' Choice Award for Person of the Year
2011, Free Dacia Award
2011, Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal
2011, Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism
2011, Voltaire Award for Free Speech
2012, Big Brother Award Italy 2012 "Hero of Privacy"
2013, Global Exchange Human Rights Award, People's Choice
2013, Yoko Ono Lennon Courage Award for the Arts
2013, New York Festivals World's Best TV & Films Silver World Medal
2014, Union of Journalists in Kazakhstan Top Prize
2019, GUE/NGL Galizia prize

Why would you just believe that this global rockstar is really in prison? People like Jemima Khan (of the (((Goldsmith family)))) have been making very pro-Assange movies about him. They normally do this with their enemies? :D

"Fetch setting him straight on Al Zwahari" - sorry but insisting that al-Qaida leader al-Zarqawi is a retard doesn't "set Bjerknes straight". That is ridiculous. So Fetch's point is that the media have made up absolutely everything about al-Zarqawi, and they have done so because he's a retard!?!? THIS is "setting him straight"?? I don't know that much about al-Zarqawi but explaining what information there is about him away by saying that he's a retard is completely inadequate and i don't really blame Bjerknes for leaving the conversation since it had descended into such farcical territory.

KnownUnknown said...

"sorry but insisting that al-Qaida leader al-Zarqawi is a retard doesn't "set Bjerknes straight". That is ridiculous"

"Why would you just believe that this global rockstar is really in prison?"

uh huh? thanks for making my point Alan

KnownUnknown said...

Or do you really think Al Zarqawiki is LESS of an international rock star? As for Putin surrounded by Chabad - Bwaaahaaahaahaa. Like Trump and his children who literally put them in office, who you never critise? Sure mate... Just like you never bother explaining how London became such a den of vipers..

Dennis Fetcho said...

Let me explain ONE MORE TIME to people like Alan who THINKS he knows Jordanian politics more than someone like myself, who has lived in Jordan and been involved in discussions with those well in the know.

To everyone -

I had NUMEROUS discussions here in Amman with highly credible sources about the "Zarqawi story". There was "the official narrative", which the "official channels", will go along and support and assuredly will not deviate. But people CLOSE to the Zarqawi family PERSONALLY TOLD ME that the person that the media was playing up as being this genius terrorist was mentally challenged to retarded and simply DID NOT HAVE THE MENTAL capacity to personally be this uber terrorist mastermind" that was being peddled in the press. The mental capacity was not there.

It was all fake news, before "fake news" became popularized and mainstreamed.

Truth be told, I have NEVER met ANY Jordanian with the intellectual capacity to be viewed as personally genius enough to pull off the awesome feats attributed to Zarqawi. The intellectual stock is simply not there, and Alan wants you all to believe that some Bedouin family with ne'er an education is this awesome genius uber terrorist mastermind.

Whatever. I can't be that stupid if I tried.

Anyone believing such really needs to get a handle on reality. To push the line that all of this Zarqawi story was possible is purely delusional. But hey...

+++"Fetch setting him straight on Al Zwahari" - Now frobut insisting that al-Qaida leader al-Zarqawi is a retard doesn't "set Bjerknes straight". That is ridiculous. So Fetch's point is that the media have made up absolutely everything about al-Zarqawi, and they have done so because he's a retard!?!?++++

Obviously, Alan doesn't have a fucking clue what he is talking about. Some Bedouin who lacked any real IQ or intellectual capacity is the new Uber Terrorist!! Trust me! Oy Vey! The press said so!

Complete fucking morons.

What is next? Hitler was a Jewish stooge, Putin's actions have shown he is an anti-Russian agent in control of the world and is personally behind destroying the world. There is no opposition anywhere to Jewish power. Lay down Goys! There is no hope!

Jews invented everything! Jews provided the totality of Western civilized culture! Without Jews, the West will implode. The Talmud is superior to Western Classics!

The only ridiculous people here are Bjerkness and Alan, which peddle their own brand of historical revisionism.

Dennis Fetcho said...

***I don't know that much about al-Zarqawi but explaining what information there is about him away by saying that he's a retard is completely inadequate and i don't really blame Bjerknes for leaving the conversation since it had descended into such farcical territory.***

Oh gee. Personal discussions with people close to the Zarqawi family is not acceptable to idiots out there who peddle the idea that Zarqawi was a "terrorist mastermind" and their only source for that is the already discredited FAKE NEWS PRESS.

Whatever. Bjerkness was full of shit and it was clear he had no answer.

For people like Alan, who are two bit researchers to tell someone like me with personal knowledge of events to essentially allow people like Bjerkness to mouth the FAKE NEWS Narrative and not push back and inform the audience of the clear and deliberate bullshit is the hallmark of a dishonest, untrustworthy moron.

Like Bjerkness, scamper away to a venue where you can be an idiot.

Obviously ITEL is not the venue for Bjerkness and watching him scamper away because I dared to not buy his bullshit (like Jews and their holocaust story) made for good radio.

KnownUnknown said...

Cmon Fetch the Jews faked everything like Assange being in jail - Assange is clearly in Buckingham Palace sitting on the thrown next to Regina.

Well, except Al Qauida the Jews didn't fake that - that would be a farcical assertion...

Alan said...

Unknown, what's the point of criticising Trump? None. He's so obviously a Jewish agent that there really is no point in proving that to my audience who are not new to the Jewish question. I also haven't said anything exposing the Clintons. I suppose that makes me pro-Clinton!? That said, you are technically incorrect regarding Trump Unknown because a few episodes ago i mentioned the Trump connection with Alex Jones being extremely similar to the Putin connection with Aleksandr Dugin, and that Dugin and Jones are working closely together.

I am fairly shocked by such an uncivilised response Dennis. My feeling as a listener about your comments in the interview with Bjerknes (this is how his name is spelled), was that it was completely inadequate and honestly seemed to be the kind of "information" ("he's a retard!") which should be aimed at the pre-pubescent. The buzzline for your show is "Intelligent media for the politically aware." If you credit your audience with any intelligence at all then you cannot just expect them to believe your personal and unverifiable account of this character. You have tried to put words into my mouth about al-Z, but as i have said i have no opinion on him whatsoever because i have not researched him, but i do not believe anyone about anything unless i can verify something myself. I don't trust the US media, i don't trust the Russian media and i don't trust you. If i did trust you (considering i don't know you at all) that would make me insane. If your intention was to inform your audience as to the true nature of al-Zarqawi, then why could you only say that he was retarded? Why not say who was really behind the organisation? Why not say who chose him to be the figurehead? Why not tell us who was really running the organisation and what it was doing? Give us some information that we can go and verify - at least to some extent - for ourselves! Intelligent people don't just believe. The alternative media is full of disinformation. Blind belief gets us nowhere.

Additionally, this raises many questions: like for instance how are you in contact with the al-Zarqawi family? What brought you together? You mentioned that you had met with the minister of defence for Iraq. When did that happen? How did that meeting come about? You said you have been to Saddam's home. How did that come about? It sounds like you have plenty of interesting stories to tell which might help your audience become more informed on the Middle East but it seems to me that, at least in this instance, you just preferred to drop those unverifiable statements in to back up another. Have you talked about these meetings at length in any of your radio shows? If not i think someone should interview you on these meetings. I would sure like to know about them and i'm sure your audience would too.

KnownUnknown said...

Yeah the Clintos ARENT in office or even close, you know, as opposed to Trump...

As for Dugin that was just your regular Putin bashing although Dugin certainly isn't a Chabadwhore so there goes your theory on that.

You think and have stated that EVERYONE with public presence is a jew stooge, so why do you focus on some ad nauseaum and on nothing on others? You promised to go into Paul Josephine Watson but so far nada - instead you regurgitate Bjerknes but if Bjerknes is jew by your very own theory you should disavow him.

You pick and chose who you pick on then lather it good with begging the question "why would they allow it" to which I say why do they bother doing anything if they've controlled the whole world for centuries and just do "fakes" - why don't you beg that question?

KnownUnknown said...

The other thing I find odd is you're 100% inline with Renegade but I never see you there - even though you've been on with Tim Kelly. Incidentally in that broadcast you had a go at John Kaminski but failed to state that after he asked you if you were a jew he demured and said "OK I just had to ask" - why didn't you mention that Alan? You act all butthurt when people respond to you but all your broadcasts are full of sneering and scoffing...

Alan said...

Trump's only "in office" to the extent that he gets to read the teleprompter, but he doesn't come up with any agendas or projects. I haven't gone after PJW heavily because i don't consider him very important and i believe that most of my audience are already well aware that he is disinformation, and they know this because of his deafening silence on the "Jews". He's too much like low-hanging fruit. I'm not just doing the podcast etc. because i like the sound of my own voice or because i want to entertain people. We are in a desperate state as a race and as a species and I started my podcast because i felt that many public figures in this movement were getting things gravely, and in some cases deliberately, wrong about many issues, organisations and characters. I have focused my efforts on doing the difficult work of challenging people's heroes rather than attracting easy plaudits by slagging off people who are already disliked by this movement. On the one occasion i have mentioned PJW it was in the context that he is disinformation.

Why do they bother doing anything? Because they haven't achieved their objectives yet. They might control all governments but they still don't have the world where they want it. With regard to what we see in the news media i think they more or less do fake everything already. The only sense in which the wars are real is the loss of life and devastation. Same applies to events like 9/11.

Alan said...

I'm not "butthurt" about being asked if i am a Jew by JK. I found it funny and i still find it funny. Tim and I had a good laugh about it on the show if you remember. People can say what they like about me, and they do. I don't care. I am nothing to do with Renegade. I was interviewed by Tim Kelly because he contacted me privately and invited me on.

KnownUnknown said...

If they fake everything why wouldn't they fake Bjerknes? And Trump is a teleprompter robot then surely so is Putin - so why would Putin be a communist when you don't need or want a robot to have ideology. Anyone can be a teleprompter robot, why did they use one with such obvious connections back to themselves? Why didn't Obama give them the West Bank and Golen Heights? What do you mean "they don't have the world where they want it"? As for taking out false heros, why don't you talk about the Fabians as much as the fascists?

Alan said...

"If they fake everything why wouldn't they fake Bjerknes?" - I don't know what this means. You think Bjerknes is a character being played by an actor? I am not willing to state with any certainty that he isn't a disinformation artist, but from what i have heard of him he does have some very good information.

"Anyone can be a teleprompter robot, why did they use one with such obvious connections back to themselves?"

They are not robots but very able and very happily-employed human beings and doing a job they wholeheartedly believe in.

"What do you mean "they don't have the world where they want it"?" - I mean as far as 'they' are concerned they have an intolerably low amount of control into the lives of those who they consider their slaves. They consider themselves the farmers of the rest of humanity and they want our lives to far more closely resemble that of industrially-farmed animals.

Dennis Fetcho said...

Alright Alan lets just put things out clearly in the open equally.

+++I don't trust the US media, i don't trust the Russian media and i don't trust you. If i did trust you (considering i don't know you at all) that would make me insane.++++

For the record, I have never trusted you. More accurately, I find 90% of your presentation to be full of shit and not worth the processing time on my computer. See. Applying your standards of trust is rather easy. And you have earned none of mine and in fact, have showm me that you are more than willing to lie and deceive the audience to push your agenda.

+++If your intention was to inform your audience as to the true nature of al-Zarqawi, then why could you only say that he was retarded?+++\

The story was not about WHO was Zarqawi, but rather that the Zarqawi story could not be true do to the fact that this was a known Bedouin tribe and Zarqawi did not have the mental capacity to be responsible for the feats being reported in the press.

These discussions were held numerous times in Amman with people who would complain to me about the American press lying about events in Iraq - Zarqawi was just one small part of the examples thrown out where it could be seen that the American press was lying.

The conversations here in Amman were about the LYING AMERICAN PRESS - and then - for example, the stories about Zarqawi could not be true as he was known to not have the mental acumen to be able to do what was being attributed to him. The word "retarded" was used on a couple occassions.

Now for the record, truth be told. I don't need to prove myself to you. At the end of the day, if I really want to play the elitist card, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?

+++Why not tell us who was really running the organisation and what it was doing? Give us some information that we can go and verify - at least to some extent - for ourselves! Intelligent people don't just believe.+++

Because I don't HAVE that information, you moron. Again. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?

Just because I have conversations in Amman about the FAKE NEWS REPORTING, of which the Zarqawi story was raised as an example on a couple occasions, in now way implies that I would have information about who or what is behind the entire Zarqawi FAKE NEWS story line.


+++If your intention was to inform your audience as to the true nature of al-Zarqawi, then why could you only say that he was retarded?++++

Because unlike you, the audience trusts me. I am trusted because if I speak about personal stories, I don't embellish. I just say what I know.

If YOU have the MEANS and CAPABILITY, you can verify virtually everything I say. Come to Jordan, go to Zarqawi's village. Meet the local people. Try to meet the family. Then try to convince yourself that these people gave birth to a Master Mind terrorist.

Knock yourself out. It is not MY BUSINESS to prove SHIT to you. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?

No. It is not so complex. Just another day in the life for me.

The problem here is NOT ME. The problem is YOU. As you stated, you "don't trust". You are lazy. You want information fed to you on a platter where your little highness can "verify it". But your "verification" is nothing but pixels on a screen, which mean little to nothing at the end of the day, anyways.

Alan said...

Thank you Dennis for fully illustrating the calibre of person you are. You display a typically Jewish egotism, incivility and arrogance. How you have a show on a Christian radio station i will never know.

There's no such thing as the American media. What you call the "American media" is just media created by internationalist Jews for a Western audience. The same band of internationalist Jews control the Russian media, the Chinese media, etc., and tailor these outputs to their respective audiences.

I really do want to verify what you're saying, so i'm going to get on a plane, put on my sandals and headscarf and wander through the desert into some Arab village to interrogate the al-Zarqawi family. Do they speak English, or should i learn Arabic first?

Your lack of answers to the other questions has not gone unnoticed.

I don't want you to think i'm lazy now though, so i have done some more 2-bit research.

Is your linkedin page accurate? You are described as a senior advisor/sourcing specialist for "Harmony for Aviation Systems", which is in the category of defence and space? It states that you are "Responsible for sourcing of partners and technology for sale of products into Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan in support of government tenders and commercial clients." It states that your "focus is the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Oil."

Is it safe to presume that you are connected to the al-Zarqawis, Saddam Hussein, senior figures at the UN, Saudi Arabian, Iraqi and Jordanian government officials, etc., through your business dealings, which are seemingly the importation of various defense / technology products for the benefits of the governments of these countries? War is surely very good for business as far as you are concerned. Do you think this is a conflict of interest for you, as a supposedly independent broadcaster? Would you trust an "independent" broadcaster which sold defense technology to the US government?

Been going through so many pixels on screens, which of course means little to nothing at the end of the day, apparently.