Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.09.30

Brizer's guests: Monika Schaefer And Dennis Fetcho

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Zeebra said...

Great show all; & great to hear John Friend & Georgia Peach in the queue for next Mon! Another show to look forward to! :~) said...

Monika i right, Islamist with help of JEWISH satans arming them self in BIG time !!! Just look the links !! ;

John Miller said...

I think,without their huge battleship, the Jew S of A -from sea to shining sea- International Jewry would have been "taken out" long time ago !!

. said...

It is obvious that Georgia Peach's firing by (((michael zwerling))) is one of the worst things that could have happened for the people of that area, since they are not being told the things that they would have learned from her, her guests, and her callers, and that has led to many thousands of people continuing to be misinformed about this coup operation, led by former-CIA Director john brennan.

Anyway, how can someone listen live, and call-in to ask her questions?

zapoper said...

Hey Lindsey my old friend, how have you been mate?

Scorpio said...

Yes, Lindthey is the only person alive that is obsessed about Georgia Peach being taken off air.

. said...

It is sad, really, that people do not care that the only voice speaking as we do has been permanently-silenced on national-radio, broadcast from an actual radio-network, not "online".

This is still a massive defeat for us, whether any of you will ever admit, or not.

KnownUnknown said...

Fetch was pretty pissed.

zapoper said...

You've been banned from this place Lindsey. Sad indeed.

I will be deleting every post that uses "Unknown" thanks to you.

Why don't you use one of the other 25 accounts that you have?

Fuck you! You little faggot troll bitch. You sound like an emotional crack whore who's in love with Trump.

HAAAAAAA! Coup d'├ętat....HAAAAAAA!

Go back to the Whooli chat FFS.

VincenzosOil said...

Are you aware that Monika’s has a court date this Thursday, Dec 12, for accusing a local man from Jasper of being a pedophile after she saw the local business worker with a young boy and it turned out the young boy was the man’s son? Yeah, y’all probably don’t care because the man is a homosexual and that excuses any wrong doing on Monika’s part, right?