Saturday, November 9, 2019

Nick Fuentes Says He is Fighting the #CultureWar but JLP Wants to Know Who He Is


Chainsawmillerman said...

Good interview. Jesse just needs to hang a "real Americam flag" behind him.

zapoper said...

How does a guy like Jesse who can barely speak get into radio?

YT affirmative action?

X Xy said...

@zapoper... I was taken aback myself. He's hard to listen to.

Chainsawmillerman said...

He's been around for a long time. I find some of his shows quite hilarious.

X Xy said...
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X Xy said...

The one critique I do have is that I wish people who are critical of Jews -- even overtly and openly critical of the Jews would be more honest. When they get asked, 'Do you hate the Jews?' --- I personally think a more honest answer would sound more like this: 'You know, to be perfectly honest with you, I don't like the Jews. I don't like their influence and their methods. I don't like the fact that they promote hatred of Whites and Christians. I find it, frankly, offensive; and yes, a threat to the existence of Gentiles in general, but especially Whites/Catholics.' I think that's a more honest answer than "No; I love the Jews." Really? But for the Jews, the problems with illegal immigration, usury, economics, the condoning of sexual perversion, and other issues would all but be comparatively negligible.

November 9, 2019 at 11:32 PM

Chainsawmillerman said...

Yeah I agree with you XXy. I think a young intelligent gut like Nick needs to have thought out response. He seemed a little surprised by the question but did end it with a a few good caveats as to why his love for jews is not wholesale.

Chainsawmillerman said...

Jews have to start be asked publicly "Do you condemn the Talmud for all its supremacist hate?"

Feelstupidyet said...

Uh may zing!

Og said...

surprised to learn he is only 21, good stuff

Scorpio said...

Time for 'conservatives' to clean house. Groypers are just the first manifestation of the phenomenon.
Nick is a very talented young man and proof that the Zoomers are much more intelligent than their
social engineer overlords had expected. Like it or not, any effective political movement must have
spiritual/religious, racial and cultural components to be effective. Muslims and Jews proved that
if nothing else.

Jesse has some kind of speech impediment but he is insightful, honest and doesn't carry around
a chip on his shoulder.
Great interview.

Zeebra said...

^ charlie kuck is 25/26yo; all I found was this link from March 2015 citing his age then as 21yo.

Nick appearance of maturity is enhanced by those thick swarthy unkempt eyebrows, like Canada's manly man PM Justin Trudeau's, provided they're glued down properly! lolz

Seeing Nick juxtaposed with that joo$$-propped-up neocon zio-dwarf (((Ben Shapiro))) is kinda funny, as their faces are similar, & both are short statured with at least borderline funny/annoying fast talking voices.

Adam Green has brought a healthy optimism/skepticism balanced view re the #GroyperWar -- asking for instance, why are they still "for Trump(enstein)"??

See Adam's vid Fri: America First Patriots vs. Zionist Traitors

Scorpio said...

Why are they for Trump?
Because there's nothing else at this time. A lot of 'truthers' are blackpilled and
love to bash Trump but he represents ideas that have finally been birthed onto
the world stage: 'Fake news' 'the deep state' and 'nationalism' are now part of mainstream
nomenclature. Without Trump, it wouldn't have happened no matter how
much of a fraud Trump may or may not be.

Things have to begin with baby steps and expecting one man to save the world
is naive and foolish. The above concepts will live on beyond the Trump era and
putting the toothpaste back in the tube is impossible.

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

As you said Scorpio, the world is a stage. Many were waking up after 9/11. Trump was put into place, and he references some of these ideas with his words. But he did not birth them. Believing that is a trap.

Also, I do not see baby steps when I see Trump's actions. He participates in the same old false flag and hoax events that restrict our gun rights and set the stage for the next wars and interventions overseas. Actions matter when you are that powerful, not words. Appointing his cabinet and the people he puts around him can enhance his power, and again he shows his true colors.

And lastly, his words can be considered the bare minimum unfortunately. MSM is fake news, but worship Israel and my satanic son in law who I brought into the white house. Trump has a direct line to millions of Americans who support him. Imagine the truths he could and SHOULD be revealing. He could awaken and cause millions of Americans to RISE UP tomorrow if he wanted to. But he just strings us along for years.

At this point I don't see how anyone redpilled on the level of this blog could believe in Trump, unless they believe in the Qanon stuff. In fact, Trump's actions are so bad, that the Qanon idea actually had to be made up to justify why his actions are the typical deep state crimes and lies. The 4D chess narrative had to be made up to justify why he is doing the same old things that a controlled president like Bush or Obama does.

He is so obviously the typical "layer of the onion" controlled opposition, where he says some truths that people have been waking up to, but traps you to keep loving Israel or to keep playing the left vs. right political game, or to keep waiting for bills in congress that never seem to come for things that benefit us, but pass quickly and quietly for all things that we the people would oppose.

Bashing Trump is not black-pilled when it happens here on this blog. A lot of people start becoming red-pilled, and think Trump is on our side. Coming much further to the understanding that he is a fraud, is sadly the truth that we have to face.

Feelstupidyet said...

Enjoyed the interview. Nick was likable and intelligent. A lot more than when he is hooting and hollering with his plastic water gun. Jesse seems like a good guy. The way he talks doesn't bother me at all.