June 13, 2020

The Covid Scamdemic World Reset Phase 2

 Interesting video once again from Max Igan

The Covid Scamdemic World Reset Phase 2

Max is feeling good because the world is waking up. He speaks of "Sunrise" , yet another propped up rebel organization of naive brats; "it's basically communism."

The Vile Viles of Project Jumpstart

The guiddy genocidal cheerleader at CBN is psycho Gory Johnson who interviews Jay Walker, CEO of AVIJECT, a company that entered into a 138 million dollar deal the Tramp administration called Project Jolly Jumpstart.

"Doctor, What IS Project Jolly Jumpstart?

Well Gory, we want to exterminate for fun and profit, don't we? No, seriously, we want to ensure that by year end, we'll have at least 100 million doses ready to inject. 
  • Fred B
  • Richie From Boston
Tequila Zombie Sunrise

"Jay Walker"...they're making this stuff up.
The tragedy and comedy of a suicide cult hell bent on lying for a living.
They don't call them "viles" for nothing!

The underwater mask has made an appearance on the market.
I'll bet you're just as excited as I am!

  The Underwater Mask For Special Dummies

"ID2020 is going to be forced upon the world. The food supply is being broken down. Shitstream Media is continuing their virus bullshit including talk of the second wave..." 
- Richie From Boston
You're being DISTRACTED from THIS!

Twitter online rappers, ANTIFUCKALL and other government sanctioned "protesters" have "taken over" an "autonomous zone" in Seattle; the government gave it to them as a "gift".
- Richie From Boston, with the participation of Really Graceful.
Holy Smoke!
"Yes Fred B, you are on something very close to the present reality. Agendas 21 and 2030 are for sure at the centre of all this COVID-19 ‘scenario’. It is the NWO planning implementation in plain sight. What amazes me is the large number of collaborators working with the 1% scammers towards their own demise, if we consider the large number of people planned to be eliminated from life in the next ten years!

Something else that is very suspect, is that we see a rather anemic reaction from the people considering themselves as ‘intellectuals’; and usually they make themselves very loud – not so much this time! Why?! Cowards?! Collaborators?! Worry for their wages?!

We need some Cicero like people, to denounce the abuses and the criminals, and you are one of these people. Thank you for expressing so clearly my mind on this topic!"

 - Cornelius Bulik June 10, 2020

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Zeebra said...

Here's the WOKE woman @ the end of Max's latest vid -- 15m, she speaks for 12m then it's the 3m rap song (not bad!!)

"This is A Live Exercise"