Sunday, September 27, 2020

George Lincoln Rockwell on (((Communist Counter Sub-Race)))

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Bartholomew Beauregard III said...

Can't help but notice the lack of comments these days. Ya think it has anything to do with where the content is headed in alternative media?
I was listening to one of the audio casts last week and I think it was one of the guests that said something to the effect: It's not all the jews that are bad. There are many jews that are criminals, but many jews that still go by the torah. - I almost puked. Have any of you on this site ever read the torah? It's a filthy disgusting rabid sadistic piece of shi*. judea, inc. as a whole needs to be outlawed, yesterday. What baffled me was the utter self confident "ignorance" of the guest. Ya'll are in deep doo doo if you keep hitting the target, but never the bullseye.
To prove my point. The holocaust is a load of hate filled bull crap. Fact! - So, I interviewed 100 "good jews" and asked the single question: Is the holocaust a load of bs, or true? - All 100 said it was true. So, that's 100% of the jews polled live by their colossal huge german hating lie, to this day.
Fuk'm all, and especially the Goyim that are unable to see the truth, and run behind the scenes as protectors of the parasites. Fuk'm all.