October 17, 2020

Emergencies in Heaven & Hell

The Electromagnetic Human Test

 All You Can Eat Corona Baloney

 Youtube Got Rid of Me - Amazing Polly

The Dollar Vigilante Is Banned From Youtube! 

Arthur Firstenburg on Electromagnetic Pollution

 Dr. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell Discuss The Contagion Myth

 Professor Dolores Cahill, doctors, scientists and many others are all saying: 

"This COVID affair is not true". 

"We want a BETTER Normal!"

The Electromagnetic Human Test

They Want Every Human Being on the Planet Poked with a
 Highly Damaging and Poisonous Needle

"How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is The Biggest Scam Ever
 Perpetrated On The Human Race"

“The Shutdown of the Economy is About One Big Nothing Burger Virus”

– Dr Sherri Tenpenny

The Plannedemic: Exposing The Truth Behind America's COVID-19 Strategy 

- Dr Judy Mikovitz

"50 Million Americans will Die from  the New Vaccine"


Frontline Doctors come forward at press conference
to bring truth to the American people.

Don’t let Gates & Co. treasonous
vaccine tyranny gain traction in America.

The Documentary that Will Blow You Away

Anonymous D.C. Insider Exposes Ultra-Secret
 Covid Conspiracy Inside the Beltway

 All this and more can be found at:


Emergency in the Heavens

Arthur Firstenburg – Newsletter Aug 2020


 There are now 738 satellites operating in the Starlink constellation. 
Our house is burning down and no firefighters come. The source of the flames is unacknowledged, unseen. It is there, in the air, speeding from phone to phone, antenna to antenna, satellite to satellite, filling atmosphere, earth, and seas, penetrating bones and disrupting nerves of every animal, bird, insect, and tree.
There is a reason cell phones are outlawed in Green Bank, West Virginia, home of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory: even a single cell phone, even from miles away, would blind the radio astronomers there and make it impossible for them to see the stars. Astronomers measure radio waves in units called janskys. A typical star shines at 10 to 100 janskys. The Sun shines at about 500,000 janskys. When you hold a cell phone against your head, you are pumping energy at the rate of about 100,000,000,000,000,000 janskys into your brain.
If we are going to save this planet, we have to be able to think and reason. And we have known since 1975 that microwave radiation damages the brain. In that year, Allan Frey published his ground-breaking article, “Neural function and behavior: defining the relationship.” In a study on rats, he found that low-level microwaves — one hundred times lower than what people’s brains are exposed to from their cell phones today — damage the blood-brain barrier. This is the anatomical barrier that keeps toxic chemicals, bacteria and viruses in your blood from entering your brain. It is also the barrier that maintains the inside of your head at a constant pressure and prevents you from having a stroke.
At least twenty laboratories in many countries confirmed Frey’s work over the years. Finally, in 2003, neurosurgeon Leif Salford, at Lund University in Sweden, proved the obvious: that disrupting the blood-brain barrier causes brain damage. He exposed rats to a cell phone, once for two hours, at very low power, and sacrificed them fifty days later. Two percent of the exposed rats’ brain cells were damaged or destroyed. He later exposed rats to a cell phone, again at very low power, for two hours once a week for a year, and found that they were cognitively impaired.
And in 2020, a study has been published showing that the same thing happens in humans. A team of scientists at Heidelberg University in Germany used MRIs to examine the brains of 48 young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. They found that the more hours per day their subjects habitually spent on their smartphones, the less gray matter they had in their brains and the less brain activity was detected.
 For the rest of the story:
Emergency in the Heavens - Arthur Firstenburg

Professor Dolores Cahill


 "Sally Fallon Morell, MA is best known as the author of the best-selling cookbook, Nourishing Traditions®: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels."

Dr. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell Discuss

The Contagion Myth


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Polly the amazing contact tracer is heartened because she has been deleted from ZouTube! Celebrate!

Truth Purge - Youtube Got Rid of Me - Amazing Polly

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People in the Dark Shadows - Amazing Polly

Amazing Polly

Berlin 10102020: Better Normal, not New Normal


World Doctors Alliance with Professor Dolores Cahill Presiding

 Stop5GGlobal Interviews With World-Thought Leaders
Arthur Firstenberg on the effects of 5G 

 Professor Olle Johansson speaks with S5GG / STOP 5G Global

Dr Russell Cooper speaks with STOP 5G Global on Health & Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

Victor Leach with Paul Seils of STOP 5G Global

- 5G Health Symposium - 7th July 2019

 Doctors call for delaying Deployment of 5G due to Health Risks !



TDV Is Banned From Youtube! 
And Huge Anarchapulco 2021 News!



Doctors call for delaying Deployment of 5G due to Health Risks !

The Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan
Sunset Lake


Zeebra said...

thx for the post Voltman! Don't be a stranger; been boring 'round here, with chainsaw & ognir gone,

so yidtube's latest purge drove Polly to drinking & smoking :~o

reminder to peeps where a few formerly regularly posted pods here, are still free,

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Steve said...

Thanks for all these, some great info here.

Amanda said...

Great post! Thanks so much:)

John Miller said...

"Prof. Dolores Cahill, doctors, scientists and many others are all saying :
The Covid affair is not true..."

I absolutely agree.

But : I wonder why these same 'smart' people are all saying or teaching in kindergarten, school, colleges : The holocaust affair is true ! (the Germans gassed and murdered 6 million joows)

Thanks soo much for explanations....

jerry said...

Trump declaring a "national emergency" didn't help. And why hasn't Trump's Attorney General, Bill Barr, ever make people like Fauci, Gates, Birx, Govs Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer, etal. swear under oath as to how they came to the conclusions that they did and make everyone wear masks and lockdown ... under penalty of perjury and where they could be cross-examined. That never happened. Why Mr Barr? These so-called "experts" making declarations that did more harm than good and they never have to explain why they did what they did? It's absurd to the max!!! Zero accountability ... now they want everyone to be vaccinated? WHY??? PROVE IT IS NECESSARY!!!! Goddamn-it Trump, when you're finished dancin' (if that's what you wanna call it) to the homosexual embracing "YMCA", maybe you can get off your stupid ass and start doing your fuckin' job!!! Trump is the biggest traitor to the entire world, not just America!

jerry said...

These sum-bitches want to vaccinate us? They want to lock us down and wreck our lives? Make them prove why they did what they did, under oath and the penalty of perjury. Cross examine them and get to the bottom of this bullshit. If we find out that they are lieing, shoot the bastards!!! But first stick a bayonet up their ass!!! All these lawyers and judges and legal people don't know this? Then stick a bayonet up their asses too and have a good laff watchin' some corrupt judge tryin' to "sit" at the bench!