October 26, 2020

Operation Scorpio 2020.10.24

Scorpio Show # 35 on Revolution.radio

 Topics Include:

1) 9 Day Countdown Until Dog and Pony Show
2) Biggest Hoax in World History....Almost 
3) Strap A Petri Dish onto Your Face4) It's Science!!!

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zapoper said...

Keep investigating until 2030 Greg. It's not like the evidence is literally in our face.

Scorpio said...


Clemson said...

I have listened to all your shows and am a big fan, but this episode was a cringe fest, and it was very hard to keep listening. I believe this Greg character is not being honest. If he is such a great researcher he would have certainly come across the truth about Hitler, and to suggest FDR was a great president is ridiculous. I am very disappointed. I will not go so far as to say he is a shill, rather I think he has an ego the size of a church, which is funny considering his disdain for Christianity. He does not want to use the term communist because it is a legitimate political world view and should not be used loosely, but it is ok to throw around the far more weaponized words "fascist" . Give me a break I can not stand these egg heads. I am an American, and he knows nothing about Americans like me, descendent of colonist. Once again I am severely disappointed that you guys kissed his ass. Sure he brought up some truths, but that is always part of the gate keepers angle.

Scorpio said...

Clemson - I agree with many of those criticisms - he's coming from the left but he is joowise.
FDR was a commie and expanded the government more than any modern president.
I tried to push the envelope with Greg the entire show without causing a complete meltdown - lol

WWS said...

The basis for 'fascism' is unity.
"In unity there is strength."

It is method, not doctrine.

To mean tyranny use 'tyranny'.
To mean evil use 'evil'.

Albert said...

@ Clemson

I Watched the Video-Version of the Show upto 1:07:98

PAUSED because I Couldn't Continue-Listening ...

FINISHED the: "Jeff Censored" "Jeff C LIVE": 3.5 Hour "Bone Broth" Chat ...

Un-PAUSED ... And HAD-to: CLOSE that YouTube Window !!!

There has Been a LOT of Must-Listen CONTENT in the Last Few Days!

I Enjoyed Giuseppe's Friday Perfect-Triangle Show, and Today After a few minutes of Their + Fetzer's: Debate Commentary ... I Skipped-PAST: the Trump-Debate-Hour ... To Their Analysis! (Brizer came-on near the end!)

--> IF Trump Gets-IN: AFTER the First few minutes of this Last-Debate:
Where He SAYS:
The "vaccines" will be "READY" within-Weeks ...
.. and HE HAS the MILITARY READY: To "Distribute" it ...


"STUPID Americans! ... You KNEW I was a ((("SNAKE"))) Before YOU 'Let-Me-IN'!"

🌝 🌚 🌞

"Jeff Censored":


inthemix16 said...

Scorpio. Your dental assistant gave you some great advice! Thats one woke person! I posted on CLO2 way back and got the usual 'its bleach' nonsense. Take it everyday. The more you dig,the more amazed you will be. But dig you must ,because thats a no no talkin about that. As i had posted before, for any curious about CLO2 many find the best start is this interview with the CLO2 guru Adreas Kalker. Super chill dude. Like Mike or not he is impressive in his chemistry knowledge.Its fascinating to listen to this! You can find Kalker has his own site you can find it, but this interview has been buried. Youll see why. Giuseppe you get better and better everyday. Keep up the good work .About time someone called out the "specialist" to start obeying their oath ..What are the boyz going to do ? Harm their own citizens and not know , they will just come after their families in the end?


John Miller said...

"STUPID Americans"...
Which ones ? the ones from North America ? Central America ? South America ?

I guess the 'commentator' is 'commenting' on the Jewnited States "From Sea to Shining Sea"... set up as battle ship of International Jewry..."


John Miller said...

ok ok, the "STUPID Americans" from nowadays with their low IQ's, are not understanding what I am talking about....

John Miller said...

apropos "STUPID Americans" of the Jewnited States....

They NEVER will ask themselves :

How come Jews, a tiny minority of the word population can declare war on Germany ...
and WHY did they declare war already in 1933, immediately after the German people voted in free democratic elections the National Social German Workers Party into government ??

The headlines of this English News Paper ..and Americans....
google :

Daily Express
Friday, March 24, 1933 (!!!)

Jews Of All The World Unite In Action

Zeebra said...

C.A.Fitts notes twatter is blocking the tweeting of (the direct link to) this interview. I can attest, they're also blocking even privately DM'ing it!

watch here (48 mins):

Covid-19 is Disaster Capitalism, says Banking Industry Insider
84,417 views·Oct 23, 2020
The Alex Jones Show

Banking industry expert Catherine Austin Fitts joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how the authoritarian medical tyranny lockdown of society is disaster capitalism.

John Miller said...

Nothing but lots of bla bla bla bla.....

Tyranny lockdown of Societies by this clique of slimy money lenders is Bolshewistic Communism-JUDAISM !!

It's time to "take care" of these bastards and their down to the bones corrupt lackeys/minions once and for all !!

Peoples of this world -7,5 BILLION- WAKE UP !!

John Miller said...


Albert said...

@ John Miller


--> IF (((bill gates))) was ACTUALLY "Targeting": Blacks, Homos, and jews ... LIKE Judy-Mikovits had Said before ..... (((he))) would be somewhat of a "Hero" !!! :-o

-- Of Course: (((they))) ARE indeed TARGETING-for-"Extinction": WHITES ...
(There is NO "Diversity" ((("Taking Place"))) in: Africa, India, China etc!)

-- And The Exponentially-Multiplying: "Non-White" Populations (Due to ((("christian")))-"Charity": ARE one of (((their))) Most DEVASTATING-WEAPONS in This: FIGHT Between: GOOD (WHITE'S-Hearts) and EVIL (Non-White's: "Lack of Impulse-Control" etc!)

Ref: Your FIRST Comments:

It is CALLED: ((("Revelation of the Method"))), ((("Predictive Programming"))) etc.

Apparently: ((("Cabalistically"))) / "Karmically": "VAGUELY"-"Forewarning"-the-"Goyim" ... and the "Goyim" still: "choosing" or "consenting"-to the "vaccines" etc...
-- Is (((thought))) to RELIEVE (((them))) of the RESPONSIBILITY: For ALL of (((their))) Terrible-BRUTAL-Vicious-MURDERS !!!



(((trump))) AFTER-the-Second-"Election", And (((their))): "Using the-MILITARY to "DISTRIBUTE" the "vaccines" ... "Rapidly"... !!!" SAYING:

"STUPID Americans! ... You 'KNEW' I was a ((("SNAKE"))) Before YOU 'Let-Me-IN'!"

--> Was MY "Humorous" Parody: of (((his))) WELL KNOWN:

"You STUPID WOMAN! -- You KNEW I was a ((("SNAKE"))) Before YOU 'Let-Me-IN'!"

🌝 🌚 🌞

PS. I will sarcastically SAY: "Shallomm" to (((them))) ... AS (((they))): TAKE "Star-Gates" (Situated-at-Sheer-Cliff-Edges!) "to Other Planets" !!! ;-)

John Miller said...

Yeah yeah..
..(((them)))..(((they)))..(((his)))..(((though)))..and so on....
slimy jews are laughing their arses off and 'ROFL' reading idiotic stuff like that produced by
"STUPID Americans" !!

Greg Felton said...

Trust me, Clemson, I know a great deal about Americans like you: arrogant, self-righteous, conceited, undereducated and cognitively dissonant. I stand behind every point I made, and since you have no facts to counter me, I can assume you found no errors. I may have offended your precious moral frame of reference, but that's all.

FDR made errors, but nobody with any sense of history could call him communist.

Feelstupidyet said...

Years ago I heard Felton go into a tirade because the radio show host criticized jews instead of zionism. Never have been a fan since.

WWS said...

Mr. Felton, are you a Jew?

Greg Felton said...

I wonder if you posters have a working brain cell among you. Feelstupid yet is referring to Dennis Fetcho, whom I demolished for misusing the term "Jew". Blaming "Jews" indiscriminately serves no purpose, is dishonest and plays into Jewish victim culture.

WWS, you are a shining example of a right-wing American. That is not a compliment.

WWS said...

Oy Vey !!