October 25, 2020

THEY Blinded Them With "Science" - Tom Cowan & Jon Rappaport

Some of the inconsistencies of the Corona Virus Story
Dr. Tom Cowan
Lockdown Ideology versus Scientific Approach
The collective experiment on planet Earth
Jon Rappoport
Second Lockdown With John Waters
Computing Forever
THEY Blinded Them With "Science"
The inconsistencies of the Corona Virus Story
Dr Tom Cowan – Oct 21, 2020

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In today's video I get deeper into the inconsistencies of the corona virus story. At the end of the video, I outline a simple scheme you can use to help keep you and your family healthy during these times.
 A Few Comments
I admire your patience to tell this story again and again, are virologists that stupid? I'm learning a lot in my 88th year. Much greetings from the Netherlands.
They're too indoctrinated, unfortunately
I’m Dutch technically too :) dr. Cowan helps me make sense of what I’ve had feelings was off.
Virology is the twilight zone. It's amazing it is considered a 'science'
@Eric Francis yep... twilight zone is a good way to put it ... when Scientism is norm and real science is hard to find
the short answer is YES.
@Peter Meier yeah, we have to call it like it is..... stupid is stupid is stupid.... actually, someone pointed out the word "stupid" comes from "stupor" and in a way they (and "we") are in a trance-state via their "education". A baker, or garbage man, or plumber, or dentist can't get away with this kind of stupid as easily. It seems easier to be stupid the higher up you go... fancy stupid.
Are the other drs so stupid to not know this.....?
@zena3546 this seems to be the 64,000 dollar question in a way... how can drs not look into this? And if they do, how can they not get it? From what I can tell (guess) 95% don't look into it in any real depth at all. They don't think there is a need to. They believe what they are told. Auto-believing is the root problem here.  People trust the systems within which they work ... even though they see the incompetence in their colleagues all around them. Anyway, I don't have a clue, just venting here!  It is amazing how people will not investigate further than the headlines in the scientific papers. People have FAITH and TRUST (blind) in science. But it's really Scientism.... it's about beliefs, cultural beliefs that get "turned into science" instead of a true search for knowledge and a true wonder about the natural world and the human body. I think germ theory is a belief system that is deeply rooted in the minds of everyone and therefore most people (even scientists) cannot conceive of the idea that virology could "get it that wrong". Even the virologists seem to believe in the game they are playing. It's all about faulty premisses. Unexamined assumptions. Taken for granted ideas that are not true. Deep stuff.   That is why I like to say that germ theory is a mind virus! It's a false idea that has poisoned the mind of humanity.   Personally, I think this whole pandemic drama is humanity's way of purging this toxic idea --- by playing it out on the stage of life. Very painful to experience! But I guess that just shows how awful the toxic idea is.
@zena3546 can’t give up the $$$ not admit that what they learned in 10 or 12 years of schooling is totally bunk.
@Carolyn Gutman Dey Well said. I think the drs are brainwashed as well. Big Pharma taught them in schools so..thats gonna be where they fall towards. IGNORANCE. I am trying to tell people its fake and they are totally ignoring me. TRUMP needs to step up and do the right thing. TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT IT! SCREW VACCINES!
@Carolyn Gutman Dey I suspect you are very right.Something you haven't mentioned, however, is that this dogma is kept alive by the massive amount of money injected into this domain by Big Pharma. People tend to underestimate money, even though they are depending on it for everything, and always want more. This disbelief that money drives the information that gets to us might be what's most troubling about all this. Virologists are funded because they get the expected result. Wrong result ? no more funding - and you have a big chance of just not getting published at all. Only one third or all studies get published. Makes you wonder what the other 2/3 are about !
@isma great points! I totally agree with you. There are so many layers to this, so many aspects to the corruption and deception and "rottenness". It's just so massive... entire economies, entire educational systems, our careers, our lifestyles, the food system, every single system is based upon these "root lies".   I admit I am feeling overwhelmed by it all.
Nooit uitgeleerd!
Not stupid but deceptive and evil
I think language has a way of hiding and manipulating plain truths without us even being aware
Doctors are the most indoctrinated, unscientific people. They memorize and regurgitate. Collect list of symptoms, look up what pill you need in a book (or computer program). Then they shame people who try to do their own research because we are not "educated" enough. Lol! Some of them start to realize after a while what's going on, but most don't. Want to stay healthy, dont visit an MD. Only good for traumas.
Myth or truth maybe lies all seams to be connected to science. Harvard, John Hopkins and the rest think the people believe and trust them. Boom 💥 Dr Cowan Andrew Kaufman and many more educate us in a short video, where the 7-10 year university science " specialists " get it wrong? The old saying blind them with science maybe true and not a myth.
May you live forever😘
@Tina Marie I agree and I tell my followers on veterinarians as well. Only good for diagnosing and emergencies. Otherwise avoid drs and meds. if at all possible. Drrs hate me. I don't succumb to their bullshit.
@Rupert Twine I agree. Just look at the CDC website. Try figure out that mess they write.
The same with me and I am a 70 year old woman. WOW - I was a brainwashed numbskull.
@The Way Me too. I don´t think this has anything to do with age. I believe in "never too late", or better late than never. Best.

Greatings back from the Netherlands! 😊 Tom can explain it so well. What a hero!

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Lockdown Ideology versus Scientific Approach
Ivor Cummins – Oct 23, 2020
Nice Title But Extremely Lame..."Debate"... 



I bet you just can't wait to hear the latest words of wisdom from our most beloved guru and philanthropist Bill Gates...?
Well wait no longer.

 Bill Gates: ‘Shutting down’ economy ‘nowhere near sufficient’ to stop climate change

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The collective experiment on planet Earth

by Jon Rappoport

  When all obsessive group-consciousness on Earth is finished, exhausted, when it admits defeat, then a different era will emerge. But for now, we are in the middle of the collective experiment.

High-flying cloying sentiment, profound dependence on others, covert repression---these are the order of the day.

How long until the collective age is over? A hundred years? A thousand years? The answer is, as long as it takes for every human to realize that the experiment has failed, and why.

The why is clear---the individual has been overlooked. He has been demeaned. He has been grabbed up and drafted into groups. His creative power has been compromised in order to fit in.

The majority of the world still believes in this approach, as if from good groups will flow the ultimate and final solutions we have all been seeking.

This is sheer mind control, because good groups morph into evil, and vice versa, in the ongoing stage play called reality.

Ideals are twisted, infiltrators subvert plans, lessons are ignored, and the whole sorry mess repeats itself again.

What constituted a triumph of good over evil at one moment is guided into yet another collective, whose aims are “a better kind of control.”

The most deluded among us believe we are always on the cusp of a final breakthrough.

But there is no “we” to make the breakthrough.

It comes to every person on his own. And it does not arrive as the thrust of an external force, but from one’s own struggle, accompanied by insights for which there is no outside agency to lend confirmation.

If indeed it will take a thousand years to bring this collective illusion to a close, that is no cause for despondent reaction.

On the contrary, it is simply an understanding that all experiments come to an end, as does the method of thought on which they are based.

One or ten or a hundred collapses of civilization, and the resultant rebuilding, are not enough.

The pattern endures.

It can only dissolve when overwhelming numbers of individuals, each in his own way, absent self-deception, sees its bankruptcy.

The “we” and the “us” are merely postponements and cover stories splashed on the front pages of the mind.

Fighting for what is right, here and now, is vital. But it does not preclude the knowledge that, as long as people are fixated on groups as the Answer, the underlying problem will persist.

Therefore, as part of my research over the last several decades, I have explored what is now commonly called the Matrix, from the point of view of freeing the individual from it.

The first step is understanding Matrix as an ongoing perverse “work of art” and viewing the nuts and bolts of it.


Berlin March Against Coronavirus Clampdown


jerry said...

No need to be afraid of the Covid pandemic ... there are inexpensive cures: https://americacanwetalk.org/dr-richard-bartlett-acwt-interview-7-2-20/ Scroll down a bit to get to the video portion. Vaccines are NOT NECESSARY either!!!!

Amanda said...

wow, thanks for all of this--Dr. Cowan is one of my favorites in this nightmare.

And I agree with those comments you included--virology is a mess and there's so much fraud built upon fraud. Even Dr. Nancy Banks said something along the lines of "there's so much fraud out there that they basically have to start over."

Janine Roberts' book "Fear of the Invisible" does a great job at exposing the fraud in virology, as well as with polio/DDT and the HIV/AIDSs scam. They never correct the original fraud, and more just keeps getting built on top of it.

Another good book is Dr. Suzanne Humphries' "Dissolving Illusions"--after one too many patients came to her with kidney failure (she was a hospital nephrologist), she started doing research into vaccines, how they're made, what goes into them, etc. and came to the conclusion that its nothing but lies (e.g. DDT was the cause of what they called polio and not a virus, and the leading expert on smallpox, Dr Thomas Mack, said smallpox was already on it's way out when the vaccine arrived, and what made it go away was economic development, as in sanitation, etc.)

Steve said...

Interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich about Crimes Against Humanity and Corona Fraud


Voltman said...

Amanda wrote:
"DDT was the cause of what they called polio and not a virus, and the leading expert on smallpox, Dr Thomas Mack, said smallpox was already on it's way out when the vaccine arrived, and what made it go away was economic development, as in sanitation, etc."

Thanks Amanda.

I've been referring to meanstream doctors as executioners of the state for the last 35 years. The fact that these doctors keep on using chemotherapy and radiation to treat what they label as cancer, when the failure rate is around 97%, tells me all I need to know about these greedy, unethical and unprincipled charlatans.

Amanda said...

Steve- I started watching that video w/Dr. Reiner and while I was watching it, it disappeared.

Voltman said...

Amanda wrote:
"I started watching that video w/Dr. Reiner and while I was watching it, it disappeared."

I was going to include that video in my next post but...it's gone...and I couldn't download it because of the obsolete computer I've been tolerating for the last 3 years. It is going to be replaced very soon with a more recent computer (second-hand) that will run on Linux. I know: It's about time!

One of my plans is to make a few videos that will include the most essential parts of the videos I come across.