Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oracle Unleashed - Round Table 2012.08.26

Hosts: Doug Owen, Mike Sledge, Celtic Rebel Andrew Sholly and Kyle Hunt

Gun control, Was the Gulf Oil Spill staged and known in advanced? How come everyone from Wisconsin sounds Canadian?...(someone answered on the roundtable by saying 'jews'), Occasional Alex Jones Impressions, Idol worship of cows in India, Julian Assage goes to Ecudor and then volcanos erupt in the country, Sell fear and water filters at the same time, If ATM's were shut down for a week people would be burning things, Bystanders shot by police in New York....The usual banter of a round table often going in different directions which make it different and interesting.    Edited by Shortwave @Concen.org

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Anonymous said...

I would have posted this myself here if I was able to. Enjoy it, some good thought provoking stuff...Shortwave...