Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2012.08.28

Debate with Zionist Jan Mueller part 2.

Part 1 

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Rachel Corrie verdict exposes Israeli military mindset


Lindsey said...

This was an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC show that should be heard by as many people as possible, so please make sure that it is promoted far-and-wide on message-boards and elsewhere.

Below are two quotes from "Jan" where the mask slips and we glimpse what he TRULY thinks about how he feels about jews. He can make the claim all that he wants that he was not serious, but anyone reading the whole thread will see that he got pissed-off and let that mask slip too far and no amount of "Oh! I didn't mean that!" is going to work.


"...both are the result of hundreds of years of persecution and demonization, from the type that people like you continue vomiting even today. And the Jews should be happy and proud they have their own state today, so whenever they see the filth spread against them by people like you, they can do the opposite of what I'm doing now and say "who gives a fuck?" and continue living their lives, developing and advancing the world, inventing new technologies, promoting health, education, science, and everything that Jews do way better than anyone else."

"the funniest thing with you is that you're saying horrible things about Jews, demonizing every aspect of their lives, but then you are insulted when someone tells you that Jews are better than you or if you find a quote of a Jew from 100 years ago saying he doesn't particularly like Goyim...

Oh, and I didn't say Jews are smarter than others, I said that they are better."

Again, this was truly a classic show.


Anonymous said...

HEY ZAPOPER, are you deleting comments again?

Anonymous said...

The disingenuous (I'm not a Zionist, I'm not religious, I'm not Jewish) Jan Mueller is back for a second-round.

This time Giuliani is awake and the kid-gloves are off, he doesn't cut Jan the unprecedented slack that he did in the previous Charles/Jan show.

Meanwhile Jan is rather obviously surprised that he can't control and direct everything as he did before.

Things liven up considerably when Lindsey calls in.

Jan is clearly rattled, especially when well-informed caller after caller phones in to expose him with detailed and comprehensively referenced critiques.


zapoper said...

LMAO anon. I've never deleted a comment here and I don't intend to ever do so. It turns out that caltrop's Firefox add-ons or what not were the culprit. He was able to post his comment with Google Chrome.

BTW caltrop, nice synopsis.

Ryan said...

Can I just say you guys here on Mami's shit should be commended for your contribution to the 'Real' truth. I sense an awakening and 'THEY' can't stop it. Big up Lindsey too.

Anonymous said...

Great job indeed and yes, caltrop , well said!

Anonymous said...

The thought of zapoper deleting a comment males me lol. No way!

Mami said...

Zapoper's super hero alter ego "The Disabler" strike again?

Anonymous said...

That Jan is a fucking Zionist scumbag, but he OWNED you Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

Wtf? How did Jan own Lindsey? Please explain?

Lindsey said...

Guys, do not fall for this troll just doing what they do--TROLLING. I absolutely destroyed "Jan" by using his own words against him, and PROVED him to be a liar on several points, but just as important as showing him to be a jew supremacist, I showed him to be a God damned liar regarding the h0l0c0$t when he said the the "six-million number is ridiculous" or something to that effect, and then toward the end of the show with Alex, he says "Germany killed six-million jews"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy is a pathological-liar, and anything that he would say would be as worthless-as-a-three-dollar-bill.

Folks, this is the last that we are going to hear from "Jan Mueller," also known as "John Smith," because he expected his "good cop" charade to work THIS TIME with Charles as he dis-armed him with his angel-voice and sweet-words/demeanor, but after I spoke to Charles at-length about the tricks and traps that were as obvious to me as fire is hot and rain is wet, he refused to let his show be a Hasbara joke on Charles THIS TIME.

In fact, this was one of the most important shows that Charles has ever done because it showed just how much of an epic-fail it is to DEFEND THE IN-DEFENSIBLE, and proved absolutely that we are right and that if people are EXPOSED TO THE TRUTH AS IT IS, THEN THERE IS NO WAY THAT THEY CAN EVER GO BACK TO BELIEVING THE LIES AND OBFUSCATIONS PRESENTED BY THE LIKES OF "Jan Mueller," NO MATTER HOW HARD THE PROPAGANDA IS PUSHED.

Folks, this was a "total-victory."


NB: Guys, please do what you can to get this very important show the publicity that it deserves. As many people as possible need to hear just how much of a failure the arguments that the jews/zionists--including Christians and other zionists--make on their behalf for the myriad of issues that were discussed on the show.

Anonymous said...

You quoted him: "the funniest thing with you is that you're saying horrible things about Jews, demonizing every aspect of their lives, but then you are insulted when someone tells you that Jews are better than you or if you find a quote of a Jew from 100 years ago saying he doesn't particularly like Goyim..."

Any comment on that Lindsey? Sounds about right to me

Anonymous said...

One of my earlier comments that didn't post suddenly goes through a day or so later?


Sorry for the dupe, guys.

Meanwhile: listen to what Lindsey is saying, visit the links he posts and don't respond or get distracted by Mr. Courageous Anonymous's blatant 'baiting'.



Anonymous said...


I said tone down the hate speech. As I stated earlier, both of my parents were holocaust victims. Your hate is now out of control. Please embrace the rainbow and coexist!