Monday, November 12, 2012

David Duke Show 2012.11.12

Today: Dr. Duke begins by exposing the deep Jewish hatred of Europeans. He quotes a Jewish publication that profiles a leading rabbi occupier in the West Bank who celebrates the Islamification of Europe as a sweet revenge against the horrific European Christian anti-Semites. Dr. Duke shows how leading Jewish organizations in America and Europe promote Israel as a Jewish state for preservation of Jews but at the same time knowingly promote the destruction of the European people in overwhelming European populated nations. They promote such 1)because of their hatred of the European people and 2) because such is a weapon their displacement and take over of key European institutions such as media, government and finance in pursuit of Zionist global hegemony.
Dr. Duke also shows how now the Jewish media is attempting to divert anger from the Jewish enemy to Muslims even though it is Jewish extremists who have been the driving force behind immigration and other destructive factors. Dr. MacDonald gives some excellent historical background of Jewish anti-European hatred and details the mechanism of genocide against Europe and how that is used as tool in their globalist agenda.
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