Monday, November 12, 2012

What's Ailing the America with Dr Rebecca Carley 2012.11.10

Topic: Telling the truth about the Jews is a hate crime with Deanna Spingola

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Anonymous said...

Carly said bodies were found under B. Franklin's house. Not true. Supposedly bodies where found underneath the previous meeting place of the Hellfire club in gay ole England. Meanwhile Spingola picks which BF quotes are true based on her "feelings", even if they were entered in the congressional record. So much for fact checking.

G. L. BRADDOCK said...

Based on her "feelings". Wow. Nice extraction. Did she also mention that just because something is entered into the congressional record does not quality that information to be factual?

Nice try little one.

How is the pay? Or, do you do this sort of thing for the love of it?

Anonymous said...

Anon., I don't think you are entirely correct yourself re: bodies. This link among others gives more info:

BF's house in Craven Street is virtually next door to Charing Cross Railway / Underground station in London nearly on the Thames and I've passed by there many times. (Maybe I should go in and see it for myself some time!)

Anonymous said...

AND didn't she mention something along the lines of how one must consider a persons actions and deeds when considering quotes and such from certain sources?

Thanks for trying to discard the thing with Franklin's house. I wasn't going to research it but now I am. I love the truth. You?

Anonymous said...

Freemasonry has a sordid record of opening the gates of hell. Their work is done and Satan's Cock Choppers are sitting on top of the Shit Heap.

Can masonry help an individual? probably. Does it require vows or obediance, I believe so. Esoteric knowledge is fine if you can keep Satan at bay which apparently we can't.

Where's my fuckin' foreskin!!

Anonymous said...

The 1882 Dresden proclamation is here

Anonymous said...

In the 50+ minute area Spingola's on about how djooz invert history & project their own evil onto their enemies. This is a favorite ZCF essay,

Anonymous said...

the guy constantly attacking Deanna is obviously the same troll attacking Lindsey. those two must really be over the target because the attacks on Deanna are more frequent lately. I'll ask ognir what's up with Lindsey.

Anonymous said...

"Where is my fuckin foreskin" lmfao!!!

Anonymous said...

RC, I'm serious. The fuckin' foreskin issue is a useful angle to work. If you see mine, FEDEx it to me

Anonymous said...

Jewish Ritual Murder: the Hidden Cult is a great stocking stuffer!

The Realist Report said...

Very interesting show... I'm still trying to figure out the Founding Fathers and the American Revolution to be honest. I've read lots of Jefferson, and he seemed to have things figured out. Either way, the principals of the American Revolution have been betrayed in virtually every way possible. The Republic has been subverted and destroyed by Jewish interests. It's time we recognize this.

The Realist Report said...

Very interesting show... I'm still trying to figure out the Founding Fathers and the American Revolution to be honest. I've read lots of Jefferson, and he seemed to have things figured out. Either way, the principals of the American Revolution have been betrayed in virtually every way possible. The Republic has been subverted and destroyed by Jewish interests. It's time we recognize this.

Anonymous said...

Spingola seems to be a straight up National Socialist who just doesn't like libertarians or the U.S. founding fathers very much at all, none of them, not Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Madison nor Adams, and uses the 'creationist method' when it comes to them:

In other words: jumps to conclusions and then tries to find facts to support them rather than find all the facts first & have the facts only lead to balanced and fair conclusions.

The main reason she dislikes Andrew Jackson is because he killed a lot of Indians, therefore he was an 'evil man,' so she goes and tries to find evidence to also try to 'prove' that he did not kick the banksters out as Bill Still of "The Money Masters" and many other libertarian types claim.

The fact is that America's absolutely undprecedented prosperity in the post-Andrew-Jackson years up to Lincoln very strongly suggest that her 'proofs' about Jackson making a deal with the banksters are dubious at best, since no bankster-infested country has ever had that sort of incredible industrial advance in such a short time, not even German under Hitler.

And let's not forget that the U.S., despite never fighting half as honorably as the Germans, has never been defeated in a war EVER except for Vietnam and that was mainly a pull-out after massacring 1 million Vietnamese to only 75,000 of their own, not really a 'defeat' on final balance.

Too bad Spingola's going to be deeply disappointed when she finds out National Socialists were eugenicists who were not anti-abortion, especially when it came to strengthening the Aryan race.

Since she hates the U.S. founding fathers so much, I think she should move to Ireland where she can live in accordance with her principles of every sperm on every egg dislodged being 'murder.' Or better yet, Iran ! Veronica Clark's favorite country or at least what she wishes Europeans could change into. lol

Abortion illegal in all circumstances or permitted only to save a woman's life in the following countries:

South America:
Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela,
Sub-Saharan Africa:
Angola, Benin, Central African Rep.Chad, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Gabon, Guinea- Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali, Mauretania, Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Somalia, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda.
Middle East and North Africa:
Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Sudan (r), Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.
Asia and Pacific:
Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka.
Ireland, Malta, Vatican City

VAK5 said...

First you say she "just doesn't like" those "Founding Fathers". By the end of your essay it become "hate". There is a certain racist inbred Tribe that loves to inject "hate" into conversations.

Why would you assume she reached conclusions about those guys before her research. I feel she is of the character that, while, and after, doing research on those sorts, had come to certain conclusions regarding them. You however seem to dislike that idea. You part of an agenda? Are you glad you were not born a gentile?

As more of your kind attack her, the more draw she will have. Appreciate it as I am enjoying her growing popularity.

Anonymous said...

The main reason Spingola dislikes Andrew Jackson is because she believes he didn't have the public's interest at heart despite the suggestions of the famous quote.

She says he replaced one set of financial pirates with his cronies. I tend to trust her research but will wait until I read her book of confirm on my own.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Jackson was both a hero and a traitor depending on ones perspective. Jackson with his rag tag army and his unorganized militia made up of American Indians,Blacks as well as Whites defeated the British at the infamous "Battle Of New Orleans". Later Jackson betrayed the American Indians by taking away their land and had them march West. However Jackson had the balls to defeat the Jewish Bankers.

Anonymous said...

Spingola would not agree with your last line. I don't think she despises him for trivial reasons given her understanding of the JEW issue

Anonymous said...

she despises him because his attitude, behavior, and ACTIONS against ALL Native Americans was clinically psychotic. people, in general, are simply unable and unwilling to face and accept the truths and reality for what they are, NOT WHAT THEY WANT THEM TO BE.

Anonymous said...

@ VAK5

Name one 'founding father' she likes. There aren't any. It's a strong dislike for sure, whether it's strong enough to qualify as 'hate,' who knows ? Depends on what degree of dis-like you consider 'hate.'

The guy who used to do the ole man shows, I forget what his name was, told a real interesting story on Maggie Roddin's show once:

He said when he was a young guy in school he went to his football coach one day and told him: "I really hate that guy over there."

The coach replied: "Why don't you kill him then ? "

he said: "What do you mean 'kill him ?' "

coach: "If you could kill him and get away with it, would you do it ?"

he said: "No"

coach: "Then you don't really hate him, you might dislike him but you don't hate him."

I guess in historical research when someone starts slandering and bashing and killing reputations without just cause because they know they can get away with it, the way Alex Jones bashes Hitler, then that might definitely qualify as 'hate.'

Most people on this earth would kill Hitler in a second based on black propaganda alone. Actually they know they have a free pass to kill not just Hitler but all the Not-Sees they see just like "Inglorious Basterds" and a thousand Hollywood movies have told them to.

Anonymous said...

Craven Street: a little jaunt finds:

#25 Herman Melville (Moby Dick) lived here 1849.

#32 Heinrich Heine lived here 1827.

#30 Arnold Leese's Imperial Fascist League hung out here. Now sporting a Neighbourhood Watch banner.

#36 Benjamin Frank's House - placard advertises several tours in the building dailt, Wednesday-Sunday. From the street visible on the second floor is a hanging skeleton, presumably illustrating the medical school thing.

#40 Corporate offices including something called "Sovereign Law" for the offshore trust aficionados.