Friday, January 25, 2013

Australia Calling episode 3 with Derrick MacThomas 2013.01.24

Anti-Islamic Dutch MP speaks in Australia
Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, who leads the fight against the Islamification of Holland, will speak in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth during February. Be there! Be ready to defend yourself if the Muslim crazies try to disrupt the event. Man up and take your country back from these black-eyed vermin. Derrick also dives into Jewish hypocracy on immigration in Australia & Israel.
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps, someday, Wilders will be so kind as to explain just how Islam is any more perverse, disgusting and destructive than Judaism.

Perhaps, someday, Geert's loyal supporters might start to wonder why he is so fond of Jews, and why he feels the need to bash Hitler, fascists and "Nazis" whenever he gets a chance.

Perhaps, someday, Geert's fans might start to notice that he is still seen as a danger by the media, no matter how much he sucks the toes of those who run it.


Lindsey said...


Thank you, Mr. Grizzom, for showing us how so many in the supposed REAL truth-movement can fall so easily, through their dis-like of those who are not White, for the tricks and the traps of the demons walking-on-two-legs who have done this divide-and-conquer strategem FOR MILLENNIA to throw-off attention of their crimes and intrigues.


Lindsey said...

I am sorry; thank you, Mr. Zapoper, for posting this.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we know gentlemen. The Muslims are wonderful!

Gotta love the Islamic ass kissing here...

MaryC said...

@annonymous 6.15am
Nobody's saying that Muslims are wonderful. What we are doing is taking issue with the likes of Geert Wilders and his dumb ass followers who go after the symptom, ie, Muslim immigrants, and ignore the cause, ie, the Jews who are behind the mass immigration. Really, there's some people on this site who are only happy if we are spewing out racial slurs against all who aren't white!

Anonymous said...

William Joyce's Twilight Over England is a fine book. Joyce, Lord Haw Haw, titled his broadcasts from Germany, "Germany Calling".

If these dudes are pinching his title and then avoiding the JEW issue, fuck em. Lindsey et al are right.

Joyce fought the Commie Jew scum hand to hand joining Germany when the war began.

Pas said...

I'm no fan of Islam or any other Jew derived religion but the fist Anon is spot on imo.

Having said that the Dutch are in such a deep slumber that ''someday'' isn't going to happen any time soon, I'm afraid.

Wilders is part Jewish himself, his wife is an Hungarian Jew and he also has dual citizenship Dutch/Israeli.

He's no friend of the common white man.I hope atleast the Australians will see through this phoney.

Thanks for posting Zap.Greetings from Holland.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Derrick is playing this guy and will toss him. Tom Metzger is very good at it.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey is a jew. Go away, Lindsey.

Dio said...

The white trash on the promo pic really sells me on this filthy... I mean terrific... site.

You need to post more photos of white women exploiting themselves and acting like drunken, filthy morons for mixed race men like me. It makes me respect the master race all the more.

Donald said...

The link to this show is not working. But I'm not overly concerned because I don't appreciate white Aussies insulting and bashing Muslims.

As if we in the West haven't murdered enough of them in their own country already.

It's true we do have bigger fish to worry about

I visit your blog every day; whoever you are you are doing great work

Keith Truth Militia Radio said...

Lyndsey...until you can say the word Jew instead of demons, shut your mouth you little meek fag. Or are you a Jew???

Dio....there is no white trash pic of white women exploiting themselves. You post this crap under Derricks shows all the time. Fuck off you troll.

MaryC and Donald...I hope your neighborhoods and schools get over run with 3rd world muslims and niggers. Then maybe you will wake up and stop thinking we are all the same. We are not bashing people just because of their skin color or muslim religion. Look at their actions, Look how they conduct themselves, Look at all the violent crime they commit. We all know the Jew is responsible for immigration of these 3rd worlders. These 3rd worlders and niggers wont help us fight the jew...they live off the Jewish system.

Those of you who enjoy the show and arent scared to talk about the racial issues..I give you props and thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

The Netherlands is a culturally leftist country. Gert Wilders has to speak and campaign in a matter which won't turn off alot of Dutch voters. Wilders has crafted a message which appeals to the current dutch public. Wilders has been very successful so far and he should be congratulated.

Wilders does recieve money from some U.S. Jews. And he has some support from some Israeli jews. But he only gets votes from about 2 percent of jews in the Netherlands. Most jews in the Netherlands aren't supporting him.

Anonymous said...

Its the race of the people and not islam that are doing bad things to whites. White muslims like the Turks,Bosnians(?) and Persians don't act like this. Islam is a way out of Joo worship for whites. Please don't denigrate. RBG

Dio said...

Keith of 'Trash Militia Radio for Disaffected & Sex-Starved White Men' squeals and rages, "Dio....there is no white trash pic of white women exploiting themselves. You post this crap under Derricks shows all the time. Fuck off you troll."

No thanks. But you certainly may. Would you like me to mail you a dildo for said purpose, or do you have one that you use already?

The white "women" (sows rather) in that photo are exploited, unlike Muslim women who refuse to look like tramps for the sake of sex-starved Western men. This photo has been posted twice -- these two "women" with their bare midriffs looking sleazy and drunk, hence my comment for a second time.

You bitter....white man? You sound it. I pity you.

Anonymous said...

"... unlike Muslim women who refuse to look like tramps for the sake of sex-starved Western men..."

The Islamic world is not monolithic. Some parts of it are unquestionably more reasonable and humane than others. Some parts of it are unquestionably better in regard to respect and treatment of women than others.

But this quote seems to imply that all Muslim women take a proactive role in the way they look, the way they dress, the way they are treated, and the way they are viewed. It seems to imply that all Muslim women are choosing to "say no" to "Western wickedness." Maybe that's a nice thought to have for a person who hates everything that the West has become, but it is false.

It is also absurd. Do you think any healthy female would knowingly volunteer to be viewed, feared and treated like an evil creature that needs to be severely controlled? Do you think any female truly believes that it feels better to swim while covered, rather than having the air, sun and water touch her skin? Do you think any female would gladly volunteer to have her genitals completely mutilated to curb her "evil" desires?

Pornified, Jew-run America is indeed disgusting and destructive. But so is the cruelty and contempt for reason that is so often on display in the practice of Islam.

Dio said...

Anon says, "Pornified, Jew-run America is indeed disgusting and destructive. But so is the cruelty and contempt for reason that is so often on display in the practice of Islam."

Fair enough. But why advertise white trashdom on this supposedly "pro-Western" and "anti-Jewish" site? The more I read the more I see White Trash written all over here.

How many commentators here have a real job besides blogging and collecting disability checks or some other government handout? I would guess maybe 2 or 3. For that matter... How many here are sober more than a few hours a day? And how many are tweekers and/or stoners? 99% or so?

Besides, is it not the Jews who promote white sexual sleaziness in the West? Why put a filthy photo like that on a "truth" site? It's detestable. Whites act like they're so enlightened and intelligent but they are the ultimate Jewish tools. No other race has done more to advance Jewish causes than white people. This site simply proves the point.

So, I guess keep it up. You're losing and it shows. But don't wonder why... and don't wonder why very few whites are interested in White Trashinalism... I mean Nationalism either. It should be self-evident.

The white race is hopeless. WWII proved that. White vs white fratricide with Israel the UN and globalism as the results. Good going white race! ;)

Keith Truth Militia Radio said...

Dio...take your prayer rug and go pray to that Jewish invented God of yours, because you are going to need all the help you can get when the white man has had enough.

Anonymous said...

I respect what Truth Militia does however Dio is right.
A white muslim movement will re-establish a dress code. Women to wear knee length dresses just like women in Turkey or Iran under the Shah. This is exactly how Protestant women dressed in the South prior to the 70's. No burquas no bikinis or semi-bikinis like this.
Dio I appreciate your input regarding this. We whites have grown accustomed to women with T and A hanging out all the time that this actually looks tame. RBG

Dio said...

Keith wails and moans, " are going to need all the help you can get when the white man has had enough."


That'll be the day. Whites have pornography, TV, football and bars...and ZERO discipline and unity. It'll never ever happen. But I wish you luck anyway.