Friday, January 25, 2013

Remembering Dr. William L. Pierce on Truth Militia Radio 2013.01.25

Friday nights on Truth Militia Radio will now feature past shows done by legends we've all come to know and love. Our 1st Friday night broadcast will feature (4) consecutive ADV broadcasts from Dr. William L. Pierce. The following ADV's include: Two Crucial Tasks; Our Biggest Mistake; Tiptoeing around Our Problems; and the Beginning of the End. Enjoy!

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Lindsey said...

God bless the late Dr. William Pierce. We need him, today and now, more than ever, but at least we have the legacy of his work.


Anonymous said...

What a great speaker, his legacy will live on. Agree Lindsey !

Anonymous said...

That's right, long live the legacy of white supremacy and hatred for all non-whites !!

This prick fuck Pierce even dedicated a book calle "Hunter" to a serial killer:

"This book was dedicated to serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, a longtime member of various white nationalist groups who, like Hunter's protagonist, preyed on interracial couples. He has been convicted of several murders, and given six life sentences, as well as a death sentence."

But this asswipe douchebag Pierce approved of these murders since this guy used to kill mixed race couples.

Anonymous said...

butthurt mud / jew detected

Anonymous said...

Thanks Truth Militia. Give us more shows of these shows.

Anonymous said...

Pierce was a bookseller who was compromised when he was caught taking $100,000 Zog bucks from the Order by the FBI.

Pierce was an intellectual who wanted to appeal to ZOG military officers in the hopes they would lead a coup d'état.

Pierce never served in the military and had no idea of how cowardly and subservient military officer are to ZOG.

Pierce was ordered to name Erich Gliebe as this successor. He did so, so as not to spend the last few months of his life in jail.

Pierce was a flawed intellectual, or egg head, who went down with the 1st punch.

The truth will out said...

Anonymous juif said...
anti-Pierce tirade
January 26, 2013 at 5:40 PM

If You Have A Good Nose (You Can Smell The Jews)

Anonymous said...

Fuck Pierce and his bigoted pscyho-legacy and fuck Alex Linder and VNN too and his hag of an annoying fangirl Carolyn Yeager. And if Metzger advocated the killing and lynching of mixed race couples, then fuck that douchebag lunatic too and anybody that supports him.