Monday, February 11, 2013

Daryl Bradford Smith's The French Connection podcast Feb. 9, 2013

Daryl Bradford Smith with Muhammad Rafeeq.

The French Connection 

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Jeff said...

Daryl is a real conundrum. I certainly owe my "awakening/education" to Daryl's old GCN/RBN show the French Connection. I can still hear his intro song.

But I have this lingering feeling that his prominence in the movement is not completely natural. Something fishy there.

Daryl...if you read this...because you don't answer my email anymore...

Why do you CONSTANTLY push the multi-cultural meme??? You defend it as if your life depends on it....or you get a residual check everytime you support it.

The evidence so out-weighs your "oppresion" theory. But yet you still try to shove that excuse down our throats. This makes you look like a shill, although I really want to believe you care.

I'd love to see you live in an all black neighborhood. Living in rural France is hardly a position of experience.

Daryl...............please stop making predictions. Please.

Sign up for the blog violenceagainstwhites. It is a wordpress blog.

Perhaps my gripe against you is feeling guilty for all the money I used to send you back in the day. I hate feeling used.

Anonymous said...

I stopped listening to this guy 4 years ago. I have no reason to start listening to his drivel now.

Lindsey said...

I still love and respect Daryl, despite the flaws and errors regarding the time-line of when things were supposed to happen. He truly was responsible for the REAL truth-movement getting to where it is on the internet because before he came along, there was almost NOTHING ANYWHERE available like it was after he did his thing in late 2005/early 2006.


Anonymous said...

DBS is a jew. Look at that nose and neanderthal skull, not to mention the drivel he spews.

Anonymous said...

Rafeeq still working in The City?

Anonymous said...

Same old bullshit criticisms of Smith. Trolls are consistent.

Agree, Lind, that Smith has done a lot and at at time when various yapsters knew jack shit.

Anonymous said...

You guys are clowns. DBS is legit.

He's just a flawed guy and doesn't hide it.

One of the biggest problems in this "movement" is guys really can't tell if someone is an actual jew shill, a person who just disagrees with you, or someone who just doesn't know the whole score yet.

DBS is legit. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

@"I'd love to see you live in an all black neighborhood. Living in rural France is hardly a position of experience."

Blacks in the past 10 years committed 5 to 7 times more street crime, rapes and homicides than whites and they direct as much or even more of it towards the whites they've been taught to consider oppressors as they do to their own. But to pretend that whites don't commit crimes is imbecilic. They just don't go to black neighborhoods to rape and immpregnate black women like the millions of mulattos are proof they did in the past when they owned most of the same blacks.

Whites bomb millions of people into oblivion, they napalmed tens of thousands of Vietnamese peasants, they obliterated 150,000 Japanese in 2 days and starved to death millions of Germans in post-war camps after they raped and pillaged their whole country and let me guess: you blame every last one of these savage behaviors on the Jews ?

You do something as absurd as absolve whites of all responsiblity and still claim to have a valid argument 'just because you wouldn't move to a black neighborhood tomorrow ?' LOL

Grow up out of that bullshit collective everything-is-racial group-think and think from an individualistic perspective without losing the racial factor and maybe you'll make some sense.

To assume that only the Jew knows how to push the 'evil button' in whites is naive and childish.

If you make the racial-factor the be-all-and-end-all you'll make no more sense than the rest of the people that came before you. One look to the Japanese and one look at all the black musicians in the typical music fan's record collection the world over is such a smack-in-the-face to the 'racial-factor' is the be-all-end-all that you will never recover from it.

Anonymous said...

Mind yer backs!

Anonymous said...

French Connection with Daryl Bradford Smith - Guest: Adrian Salbuchi - 02 / 11 / 2013;03;57.mp3

DBS's shows with Salbuchi are always top-notch. Salbuchi with that snooz-inducing bore Duke is really annoying with Duke just going on and on and on in that weasely voice and never shutting the hell up.

Anonymous said...

1. @31.50m DBS mentions Lincoln/ greenbacks, his appraisal of Lincoln does not match Spingola's or Giuliani's.

2. @49m Rafeeq says UK crime of blackmail abolished nearly two decaed ago. Just looked online and find it in "s21 Theft Act 1968". IIRC death penalty for treason WAS replaced by life in jail in late 1990s, wonder if he is thinking of that ?!

All sounds a bit tired.