Monday, February 11, 2013

The Coelho Radio Show 2013.02.09

The show will have many varying topics from the meaning of life to government conspiracies.

Financial "aid"
this show I would like to expose the financial aid scam



Anonymous said...

Coelho is likely to be a marrano Jew name from the time of Portugueese inquisition that forced Jews to convert to Christianity or die, like the famous Brazilian new age writer Paulo Coelho. Marranos are usually Catholics and such but are still genetically from Jew stock and likely to display certain weasely Jew behaviors.

Here's a long list of Sephardic names that includes Castro, Coelho and of course Rivera :

Anonymous said...

^^ Bingo!
Yeah, college loans are a scam, but so it college for 95% of the kids attending now. It's hardly secret knowledge.

NewBloodReport said...

Key point. He is 20 years old, doing last year in college. If waking up and feel it is important enough to share, then good on him. The younger the age they are when awakening and willing to do something about it represents hope.

If he is not on the level, we got had. If he needs a holyhoax education to be up to speed and rejects it, then he can easily be rejected also.

Flip a coin on this one for now, or just tag him as dirty. I am leaning towards dirty 'cause he has that catholic thingy so visual and he looks like Andre with a dark edge.

Lindsey said...

You guys are more cynical than those bitchy and trashy queens who hang-out at some of the discotheques at which I dance sometimes.

I am willing to give the young-man a chance, and I am very proud that he is doing HIS PART, which is a Hell-of-a-lot-more than the vast majority are doing to spread the word about what is happening, and WHY it is happening.

This young-man is a lurker here at Mr. Grizzom's site, and felt motivated to tell what he knows because he has seen so many other people doing good work and their part, and wanted to contribute. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SHOW, AND WELCOME TO "MAMI'S SHIT."

I, for one, am very glad that you came, and well-come.


Freewheelin' Franklin said...

Earth to Lindsey: You are not the self appointed leader of the REAL twoof moomen

Phat Phreddie said...

Looks, guys, I'd love to make a comment, but I've gotta get back to work at the Steak House.