Friday, March 1, 2013

Lugh's Den 15 - 2013.03.01

Episode 15. Pagan vs Abrahamic, Ancestors vs Archons. Topics will be focused on exploring religious dichotomy in history and how it affects us moving forward.

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Anonymous said...


Lugh said...

What's with the substandard trolling?
Is my power level too high that they resort to making bum jokes and spend 2 hours in google in an old post to try to discredit me.. and then I destroyed the argument they made in 1 minute.
Nice try. Not really though. It was a pretty lousy try.

Regardless of this.. I think my show here was easily my best solo show.
I think the content I put out here speaks for itself.

Stefan said...

Great show Lugh.

Anonymous said...

Great show Lugh, keep up the good work! Here is the show on YT:

Anonymous said...

Posted a bit back with other related, I can't readily find the Rig vedas reference. Anyone have it? Thread oldish now.

"The rig Vedas speak of a great Sun King who destroyed the moon and snake worshipping cults which were led by one Epeli of Iotun Garti (Abel of the Garden of Eden)."

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it Lugh!

Elton Blankford, III said...

Good show Lugh. Yeah, probably your best. If that one was condensed to an hour it would have been even better. Keep truckin'!

zapoper said...

Good one Lugh.

Anonymous said...

Bout time Lugh has had a satisfactory performance. Showing up is half the battle