Friday, March 1, 2013

The International Jew Study Hour Feb. 28, 2013

The Jewish Aspect of the “Movie” Problem – Episode 36

  “The International Jew” Study Hour presents:  Hadding Scott and Carolyn Yeager complete the reading of Chapter 31:  “The Jewish Aspect of the ‘Movie’ Problem.”

One way Jews defend their control of the motion picture industry is by invoking the need to prevent ridicule or lampoonery of Jews, to which they are highly “sensitive.” That is also why they organized the B’nai B’rith and the Anti-Defamation League. At the same time, they regard any public expression of Christianity as being derogatory to their religion. TIJ points out again that the American mind is Anglo-Saxon, not sensual enough for the “Oriental” Jewish mind. It concludes that the problem is “racial” (using the word four times in a short space); thus not a problem of morals, but of management. [In other words, need to remove the Jews.]
They then read  Chapter 32:  Jewish Supremacy in the Motion Picture World.
Jews did not invent motion photography, contributed next to nothing to its technical improvement; nor did they produce any of the great artists, writers or actors of that time – yet took all the benefit of it, as usurpers. Some of the major players are shown above, along with their place of birth, left to right: Adolph Zukor, b. Hungary, founder of Paramount; Carl Laemmle b. Germany, Universal Studios; Louis B. Mayer b. Russia,  MGM; William Fox b. Hungary,  20th Century Fox, and Harry Cohn b. NYCity,  Columbia Pictures.  Other names were Selznick, Selwyn, Goldwyn,  Lasky,  Selig and Loew. Movie propaganda consists of silence about the Jew unless he is presented in exceptionally favorable circumstances.  [This chapter will continue next week, along with Chapter 33.]

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anarchore said...

Money and usury turn everyone into a virtual Jew. The solution is remove everyone.

Carolyn Yeager said...

I want to thank you for re-posting some of our programs from The White Network. I would appreciate it if you would mention The White Network every time you do so. I realize you provide links, but often you don't mention The White Network by name. We want people to know where these shows originate from.

Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Yeagerstein wants her jew-pal shekels wherever she can get 'em. Come on guys.

Derrick W said...

Hey Carolyn! A jew is a jew and you are a color, right? Is a jew white? Did the jew media train you to call yourself "white"? Perhaps a jew calls itself white when it is to its benefit via name changing as an example.

"White" is not very intellectual, me think. It is perhaps unwise to use jew-speak terms to define yourself.

Will better days be ahead if we have red, yellow & brown networks to compliment yours? Maybe Hispanics and Asians do not like brown and yellow; what are we to do? Shouldn't they come aboard jew speak like blacks and whites and use their assigned colors?

Jew colors for goyim! Hammer those colors into their brains in media and education. Who knows, some might use those colors to represent their entire culture. Right?

Douglas Patton said...


"Money and usury turn everyone into a virtual Jew. The solution is remove everyone"

The jew money we have is called debt notes. The jew desires everyone to refer to it as "money".

Jewish usury has turned most into debt slaves, not virtual jews.

The solution is to remove the jew, it's debt notes and it's usury.

You protect the tribe much?