Sunday, May 26, 2013

An Hour by the Window: False Visions of Hitler in the West (2 Parts)


False Visions of Hitler in the West, Part I: Through the Gulf War to the Golden Dawn 


False Visions of Hitler in the West, Part II: The Underlying Foreign Policies of Germany


Anonymous said...

White network are a bunch of NY college fag jew supporters.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ NYC, shorter version is New York University
but, most of them are from Texas Jones-Stadtmiller area & Florida.
& most of them are older males who fantasize CY is their mother.

Anonymous said...

I sure am glad that renegade got sacked, so much more peaceful. Their shows are even more retarded now then usual.

Unknown said...

Another stupid bobble head Hitler and even more pro christian propaganda infused into the Third Reich. If you want to know about Adolf Hitler watch his viedos where he speaks for himself. Also this is a great vidoeo where in his own words describes National Socialism as a Religion where he never mentions Christianity.
Triumph of the Will

May 20

John sholtes said...

I am a coconut!