Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Realist Report with John Friend 2013.05.26

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Michael Weaver, an activist with the National Alliance who was arrested and imprisoned for defending himself against two Black men trying to rob him.  Michael was the victim of an extremely hostile anti-White justice system, and was persecuted for his political and racial beliefs.  We will be discussing his background and case, his political and racial views, and related matters.  Be sure to visit Michael's website White Information Network (WIN).




Anonymous said...

National Alliance has been shill factory since dr Pierce died. Like all almost all NS organisations, they've been taken over by the FBI.

Anonymous said...

National Alliance always was a shill factory. Pierce lived on a compound and surrounded himself with people who agreed with him and had money to donate.
Pierce either wrote or at least heavily promoted The Turner diaries, which promoted the lone wolf terrorist ideology, which only serves to further isolate and marginalize people opposed to jew domination.
We're never going to win without a popular support base, no movement ever has.

Anonymous said...

I believe a God came down all the way from galaxy 666 , to tell a bunch of lousy, stinky ,goat herders, caravan and street robbers: you slimy bastards are from now on
I also believe that a hebrew virgin had an affair with a ghost , which resulted in the birth of a guy who could walk on water or bring dead people , that already smelled , back to life. Shalom

nonconformist said...

May 26, 2013 at 8:50 PM

I'm baptized, are you baptized?

Unknown said...

Aslong as he has to fight in a court run on Biblical Law controlled by the jews and christians who adhere to it he doesn't stand a chance. Only a court of reason could acquit him.

DICARLO said...

This has to be one of the most heinous miscarriages of justice I have ever heard of. This proves that not only do the jews, through the subservience of their countless White useful/ useless idiots, control all levels of the jewdicial system, but we are living in a full fledged anti-White police state. Any pro-White blogger or spokesmen on the internet or elsewhere, if they happen to be involved in any sort of altercation, can be held responsible, for whatever it is, and in court, the evidence will not consist of the particulars of the transgression, but will detail their politically incorrect activism as pro-White advocates. If you are unfortunate enough to be found guilty of the trumped up charges, their activities and words as pro-White activists, you are effectively silenced, and sentenced as the jews and their cohorts, the elitist white race-traitors, see fit. Of course, if this travesty was presented to a stadium full of niggerball fans, to illustrate that there is no longer freedom and liberty in AmeriKa, it wouldn't mean anything to them because the sheeple don't want to know.

Why was this innocent, young man, left hung-out to dry? Was there no one involved in the WN movement across the nation able or willing to help or assist this active White Nationalist? Instead, he was left with the survices of a public defender, who, as the results of the trial would indicate, was either totally incompetent or working for the anti-racist prosecutor rather than her client. And there are people in this movement who suggest we need to reveal our real identities; reveal who we are? This should show those people that if they happen to have any random official contact with the police, for anything, they may end up going away for a few years, not merely for trumped up charges, but as a result of their pro-White activism.