May 13, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.05.13

Guest: Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard talks about multiculturalism in Sweden; Jewish involvement in Multiculturalism; Barbara Lerner Spectre talks about multiculturalism in Sweden; Danish Opponent of Islam Is Attacked, and Muslims Defend His Right to Speak

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Deanna is at her best today, She has on a couple of Zionist wolves posing as sheep and gives them plenty of rope to hang themselves.   Well worth a listen


George said...

Lars was not born jewish - he coverted due to first marriage just to let folks know

Anonymous said...

I love when Deanna plays rope a dope

Anonymous said...

It was like watching a trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

wow... talk about being a sheep in wolf clothing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How did Deanna find them? It started out ok, but then they had to go zionist route.

Anonymous said...

Deanna's show today was AWESOME!
TRUE debate! And what amazing idiocy from the mouths of these TALMUDIC demons! Where do these demons live? In a Kabalistic cave? THEY were playing dumb, ran right to nachash and whined how the goyim.....GOT THEIR NUMBER NO DOUBT!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I agreed with was the IQ thing... lol

nonconformist said...

" This is astonishing.How can it be explained ?
US President Eisenhower's " Crusade in Europe " is a book of 559 pages;
the six volumes of Prime Minister Churchill's "Second World War" total
4,448 pages ; and Former French President De Gaulle's three-volume "Memoires de Guerre" is 2,054 pages.
In this mass of writing ,which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not
including the introductory parts),
published from 1948 to 1959,one will find no mention either of Nazi 'gas chambers',a 'genocide' of the Jews, or of 'six million' Jewish victims of the war."
Richard Lynn,Professor Emeritus,
University of Ulster,December 5,2005

US President J.F.Kennedy obviously
didn't know either, because:
" Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived......He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.He had
in him the stuff of which legends are made."

English Bishop Richard Williamson on Youtube :" Not one Jew was gassed in a Nazi gas chamber , only
The 'holocaust' is a HOLOHOAX

Anonymous said...

Brilliant show Deanna from a listener across the pond.

Rabbisupremacistein said...

Drats!!!! Ze Awful Aryan Spingola haz vuns agin exposed my Demonic tribesmen! Ve vill not givinks up you gutter goyim! Vun more drink of zee babees blood and I vill haf zee energies to making more plottings!

Arminius said...

The House of Saud is jewish!

Saudi Arabia practices Wahabi/Salafi Islam, but the lives of the Saudi Royal family spent on luxury in the West, the custodians of the Wahabi/Salafi faith is anything but austere Islam.

Saudi Arabia can do no wrong in the eyes of the West, and is rarely criticized, despite the gross Human Rights violations within the Kingdom---why this special treatment?

15 of the 'alleged' hijackers of 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia, which would raise some serious issues which the AIPAC would normally be shouting and making a fuss about. But hasn't; its business as usual. Erie silence as far as Saudi culpability in that matter is concerned.

Saudi Arabia is the primary funding nation of Western backed Islamic/intelligence/black ops by the West in the Greater Middle-East. Think about that. The redirection

The Saudi Royal family invest a good deal of their petro-$ money in Western Jewish banks, and invest the petro-$ in Jewish businesses such as News Crap International which is owned by the Rothschild of London agent Rupert Murdoch......which openly spews out extreme Zionist Islamophobia propaganda, and constantly calls for war against various Muslim countries.


2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin

Arminius said...

Barbara Spectre : Leading Jewish Role in Multiculturalism

nonconformist said...

There may be an explanation :
Jews have been expelled from most European countries, again and again.
Starting in England 1290 ,NOT because of religious reasons ,
( they were always allowed their synagogues)
Because of that they decided, being
now in absolute power and control, to take revenge, by destroying western civilization.After all , one doe's not expel, unpunished, the " Chosen People of a 'God' ".

Anonymous said...

Deanna interviewed two fake opposition agents?

nonconformist said...

On the question , 'Are there people who control the media '
the gentleman answered " this is not the issue..."
He obviously has shit in his paints..

XXXXXXX said...

Simply exasperating, just don't know where to begin tearing apart all the lies these jewish/shabbos goy agents journalists are spewing. Ha! Ha! HA! Arab terrorists did 9/11?! Oh, sure the Nazi are on the moon, right?

They were asked if they understood what their holy jewish book, talmud was about. SILENCE. That alone reveals enough where their loyalty is.

Instructive how people of jewish racial ancestry are predominantly apologists for their parasitic tribe supremacist domination for global tyranny. Something of that 'bad seed' somehow carries on in these miscegenated partial jews, we just are not sure to what extent it is safe at all to have them in our company.

They may have to go the way of true full-blooded jews: EXTERMINATION. Any doubt about that? Check this jewish ritual murder article to get educated:

nonconformist said...

Why does the gentleman who admitted
being a Jew, a Hebrew, use a Danish-
Scandinavian name ???
Arabs don't do that , they are proud
of their heritage , they don't see a reason to change their names ......
Do JEWS have a reason ?
By the way , the gentleman who is a Jew , cannot claim Danmark to be his
country !!!

Anonymous said...

@>>"nonconformist said...

There may be an explanation :
Jews have been expelled from most European countries, again and again.
Starting in England 1290 ,NOT because of religious reasons ,
( they were always allowed their synagogues)
Because of that they decided, being
now in absolute power and control, to take revenge, by destroying western civilization.After all , one doe's not expel, unpunished, the " Chosen People of a 'God' "."

I would like to add that the Jewish powers that be, the controlling upper hierarchy, like multiculturalism and massive immigration because it creates clashes with the dominant homogenous cultures in Europe and this has a dis-empowering effect on the predominant homogenous culture ,especially when the predominant homogenous culture is being indoctrinated (brainwashed)via the mass media and the social engineering factories, known as schools, to accept this insanity.Part of the brainwashing of the predominant people/culture is to instill guilt and fear of being labeled a "racist" or "xenophobe" is they complain or attempt to resist.The survival mechanism of the predominant people is constantly being attacked through institutions which have been taken over by change agents.(like Barbara Specter in Sweden))
The Jewish powers that be, the hierarchy, teach their young to be team players and use fear of the Gentiles tactics to control. The alleged "holocaust" is a very valuable tool which is used to brainwash young Jews as to what could happen if they become too trusting of Gentiles and they should always be loyal to their heritage...their race first.
The Jews have a history of being expelled out of countries in Europe and they're such a small minority in the world's population and any country they happened to reside, except for Israel, they want to dis-empower and dilute the predominant culture in which they reside through massive immigration and multiculturalism. The Jewish powers that be do not want anyone group rising up to oppose them. This is why they seek to control the mass media, the financial institutions, legal system and Politics/governments. They're very clever and cunning.

nonconformist said...

'They' cannot pull You over the table.
Fantastic interview .

George said...


please read the first post here

the guy was not born a jew - he converted

what is amazing is how this conversion has tainted his judgement and seems to have dulled his curiosity in alternative history/narrative

or maybe he was like this before his conversion - also possible

Anonymous said...

Either those jews are really slick or they are just brainwashed fools. Either way, there is no way they will budge on their views. Arrogant jews.

nonconformist said...

BTW ,indecency , lewdinss , started in Sweden in the 1950's , with movies produced by Ingmar Bergman , yes you guessed right , a Jew.

Anonymous said...

Lars is a race mixing jew wannabe asshole, I don't like muzzies either, but you don't fucking convert to judaism as a means to oppose It!!

Anonymous said...

What These Idiots FAIL to mention is, Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Prime minister of Sweden, IS NOT EVEN SWEDISH! HE'S A BLACK MULATTO JEW, PRETTY MUCH LIKE OBAMA!!!
These Idiots are KOSHER nationalist, kinda like Civic Nationalist, They assholes will only lead Europe further into a shit hole!

UnkleRick said...

Fuck this, I NEED MORE ICE!

Anonymous said...


nonconformist said...

ONLY a Jew can immigrate to Israel !
( Law of return )
Only non-Jews should be allowed to live in or immigrate to non-Jewish societies !!! JEWS OUT !!!!
Who needs Jews? Go home to Birobidjan ( far east Russia )

nonconformist said...

And shove the Jew book where it belongs , up your *****

nonconformist said...

Jews the Chosen people of a 'God'?
" Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God, if He had a chosen people ..."
Thomas Jefferson ,Notes on Virginia

How odd of 'God' to chose the rats ..

Anonymous said...

The majority of muslims over 70% are non semitic...The only people here with low IQ's are rednecks who think all muslims are semitic.

Anonymous said...

anon-tard-redneck-tard @ 1:49 AM- when you only specify "muslims" rather than "Arabs" (who are Semitic by definition), that skews the numbers in the direction which you hope to mislead. Only a fraction of the world's "Muslims" are Arab/Semites in the MidEast. SE Asia?? MMM-HMMM ;)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic interview Deanna. Exposure is the best remedy for these fucks, then killing them.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Deanna once again shines when her guests turn out to be Talmudic infiltrators whether they knew it or not. The MOMENT they began to hoohaw over 911 I was done with them but I listened. Ben was great. And the caller after who just called them out... was brilliant.

However, it was very interesting that in a country like Sweden that they never seemed to hear anything they were asked to comment upon and when they did, it was ridiculous.

Way to go with putting them in their place! Problem is, I don't think they care, they shall just go on their merry way living in what sounded like a very delusional and deceptive "realities".

Anonymous said...

Spingola told the people in her chat room that her guests asked her to supply a few questions so they could be prepared. One of the questions was what they thought about Barbara Specter, her organization and her multicultural plans for Sweden. They claimed they had never heard of her and that she must be very unimportant. Why didn't they Google her so they could answer the question when Spingola asked it. Maybe they are on Specter's staff.

Anonymous said...

Oxford, City of Dreaming Spires...

Christopher Marlowe said...

Retard Lars still believes in 9/11! --Oh! He's a Jew!

Then Lars starts talking about "Nazis" at 32:00.

It's weird how Deanna went to commercial break and came back, and her guests had been taken over by zombie retards.

I wish Deanna had played the audio of Barbara Lerner Spectre. As it was, the retard guests dismiss Lerner as being irrelevant.

sadsituationallaround said...

Ask the women of Sweden who are raped by Muslims if they care if the guests are jews are not. Ask the people of Sweden who are being over run with Muslims if they care if the guests are controlled opposition ? Yes if not for the jew these people would not have to relocate but it's all the more reason to appreciate the country that let you in. If the roles were reversed do you think the Swedish people would be raping Muslim women ? Not a chance. Blaming everything on the jews only goes so far, facts are facts and the truth is the truth. I don't think the jews forced the Muslims to rape these women.

Anonymous said...

5:54 PM Your right jews don't force muslims to rape beautiful scandinavian women, is their low IQ bestial nature that perverts them to do so, jews know third world minorities can be used as a weapon against whites, AND ITS FUCKING DISGUSTING ALL THIS IS BEING ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!
Arabs are semitic cousins of the Jews, so don't be Surprised TO SEE THEM ACT IN THIS SORT OF MANNER!!!

Anonymous said...

Christopher, Deanna did play the audio of Barbara Lerner Spectre.

BLUEYEDEVIL14/88 said...

Tell me these dirty jews aren't crazy,they're females are getting preemptive mastectomies.Their males should be getting preemptive castrations.Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

The Cancer Industry is a cruel jew scam; reaping their medical cabal untold fortunes and unbelievable numbers of sufferings and torturing, both mental and physical.
Only a jew could have schemed and is now selling the idea of
"preemptive mastectomies".
What sort of pleasure the jew must get with such schemes. Only a sub-human could derive pleasure from such horrific scams and schemes.

Doyle said...

Deanna's interview is so good it made me late for work! What a change from her Fredrick Toben interview (Which is awesome) to this!!! Deanna continues to impress!

Anonymous said...

Americans in the know have this hide the falafel fantasy happening with islam. Those who go on about joos all the time think islam is somehow different because of their "struggle" with joos. Islamic "struggle" is against ALL life not islamic, icluding animals and the environment. I'm an American living abroad and let me tell you, there is much to be concerned about regarding islam. Europe is screwed because of the immigration and for Spingola to just go on about joos is really a slap in the face for whites who have to live in danger because of islam. People like Spingola really need to travel outside their bubble and see what it is they are defending. Stop the immigration and you blind the eye at the top of the pyramid.

Anonymous said...

"Deanna is at her best today, She has on a couple of Zionist wolves posing as sheep and gives them plenty of rope to hang themselves. Well worth a listen"

Why zionist wolves? Because they don't want muzzies taking over their country? Regardless of their willingness to speak about zionism their perception of multiculturalism is spot on. People seem to get deeply offended when muzzies are criticized it makes me think there is both a pro zionist AND pro islamist agenda. The pro zionist is more mainstream while the pro islamist is alternative. Multiculturalism seems to be supported by both sides so I suggest people think outside both boxes...

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism is a product of the Jews. You wouldn't have Muslim immigrants if it weren't for the Jewish wars and Jewish lobbyists for multiculturalism.

These guests were making out that they really care about Sweden, when in fact all they were doing is slamming Muslims and completely leaving out their tribes huge involvement. These "Swedes" care nothing about Sweden and only care for Israel, Jews and the destruction of the Christian civilization.

We have a common enemy who is hell bent on destroying us all. You don't have to love the Muslims, but what you must understand is that by playing into the hands of Jewish crimininality wilo only hasten our destruction.

The Muslim nations had no problem with the West but all that has changed since 1948.

That is why they are called Zionist Wolves.


rerevisionist said...

Jews really are scum.

rerevisionist said...

Jews are scum. They will never change.