Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.05.14

Guest: Clint Richardson, the producer of Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination; CAFR School: School Districts and the Lottery and The Corporation Nation, talked about the concept of freedom as opposed to equality and emancipation. The police are nothing but corporate security guards.

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Anonymous said...

By attempting to work around or through this system will either drive you insane or get you killed.This is a tyranny we are under and the same people that killed millions of Ukraines are the ones driving this agenda.At this point all of this talk of freedom,liberty and rights ,color of law etc.is meaningless.Might is right and that is the philosophy these people have operated under forever.

Anonymous said...

This sort of ties together a couple of ideas in the recent Yeager & Friend'ss threads

Christopher Bollyn Interviews Roi Tov
who later transferred that to a Spingola interview a/t Ro'i Tov

posted on rense.com today
christopher bollyn is a gatekepper

& this is the theory that Mike Rivero, John Friend'ss latest friend supports as to exclude other theories (& phone calls!)

figure it out, I haven't quite yet aside from the "great theory" of everybody sucks

Anonymous said...

Anon: where did you find that Roi Tov interview by Christopher Bollyn on Spingola's site? All I can find about Roi Tov on her Specials page is: Saturday, 7/21/2012: Ken Freeland talks about the work of Roy Tov. Looks to me like you are trying to discredit Spingola by connecting her to misfits like Bollyn and John Friend. You must be just another ADL troll.

Christopher Marlowe said...

People have to live together in a society. If you don't have a system of positive law, that might be fine, but you are depending upon people behaving well. The law serves to provide consistent standards. It warns people that they will be punished for certain behavior.

There are theories of rights under natural law, but the oldest theories of natural law were based on the concept of "justice" rather than "rights".

If there really was a great danger of terrorists boarding planes and blowing them up, then these measures might be justified. However, the danger is non-existent, but it only feigned for the purpose of implementing dehumanizing measures.

I don't think the Constitution is bad, but it is the law. The governments and the courts are not currently following the Constitution.

All this "security" is the Jew World Order. I would like to pull off the grid and go live on a farm until God brings down the Kaibosh.

Anonymous said...

"Terror" was the term and pretext used in the 1930s Soviet Union laws which were used to similar effect, see e.g. references in Goebbels' Communism with the Mask Off or his other speech of about the same time, both on Internet Archive iirc.

Rinse 'n' Repeat.