Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scott Horton 2013.08.19

First interview Marcy Wheeler

Blogger Marcy Wheeler discusses the detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner at Heathrow airport for “terrorism” concerns; the highly selective prosecution of government leaks; the Obama administration’s juvenile handling of Edward Snowden’s asylum journey; Greenwald’s bold proclamation that he will return to the US and fight for his Constitutional rights; and why the founder of now-defunct Lavabit email may face prosecution. (Duration: 33:43 — 7.7MB)

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Second interview Eric Margolis

Eric Margolis, journalist and author of American Raj, discusses the Obama administration’s refusal to call Egypt’s military coup by name; the imminent return of Hosni Mubarak; how American military aid to Egypt violates the law; and why Saudi Arabia’s monarchy hates and fears the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic governance style. (Duration: 29:26 — 6.7MB)

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