Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.11.27

Bit, Coin, Digit, Paper, Note, Gold – Just what is Money

 -The first hour is a compelling walk thru the banking system whereby you can follow the bouncing ball and understand why Mom may have said, “Marry a banker.”
-Who is Andrew Hoszan and why do we want to read his Op Ed at the Wall Street Journal?
-The stealth bailout Andy explained in 2008 that started
the Quantitative Easing. QE, cycle this time around
-Understanding the difference between the Fed’s balance
sheet and the owners of the Fed’s balance sheet
-These prolific Mortgage Backed Securities, how they got
started and their pitfalls for dollar users
-When the dollar was pinned to gold, pre 1970, it was a whole different ballgame in the banking world
-Andy clearly explains of how The Fed could ramp up unemployment big time if their was the will and motivation.
-A listener asks, “What to do with a $200,000 windfall?
-Why this economy is not going to crash any time soon
-As the U.S. goes so goes the E.U.

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