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Mike Delaney's Prothink Radio Show 11-30-2013

The Mike Delaney/Scott Roberts vs. John Friend/Tom from Connecticut - 9/11 NO PLANES DEBATE. 
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Anonymous said...

I did not listen to this "debate." Sometimes some presentations are just too embarrassing. Delaney and Scott do not know anything about the subject and they are not a worthy opponent of John Friend who probably could make a good showing in any legitimate debate on this important subject.

I have studied 9-11 since 9-11-01 and I have found that those who believe there were real planes crashing into the four sites never will make a legitimate debate on the subject. They all, including Dr. Steven Jones and Alex Jones, just sneer and laugh and say something like "don't be ridiculous," which is no defense at all.

There are many many amazing, seemingly absurd, characteristics of the Hollywood movie production called 9-11.

Most of the people who believes in real planes just want to hold on tightly to Islamic fundamentalist hijackers attacking America. That has certainly been the case for the Steven Jones / Richard Gage scam and that goes for the dishonest and misdirecting "mainstream" part of the co-opted "9-11 truth movement."

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Tom take exception with anyone, including Simon Shack, making the absolute statement, without 100% proof, that no one died on 9/11.

While it seems that the evidence points to many, if not most, of the victims being fake, the consequences of being wrong with such an absolute statement of no one having died on 9/11 is so great as to discredit 100% provable statements about 9/11, and those beyond a reasonable doubt.

I don't remember Simon ever saying that he doesn't think that satellites exist, as Mike and Scott referred to. It was Abirato who expressed that opinion during one or more interviews with Simon.

Roy Hobs said...

So who won? Who proved their thesis most clearly?

Anonymous said...

It's a weird listen. John Friend comes off as if he's just this open minded good guy but all throughout the interview when Prothink expertly refutes the silly no-planer theories John flat out dodges his refutations arrogantly--as if they are too silly to address.

Either John is the most gullible guy out there who has been jewified (prothink claims ALL leaders pushing the no planer theories are jews) or John is an unwitting turd in the punch bowl, or do we assume worse?

That's what it left me wondering so the jury is still out for me but I think Prothink won this debate handily.

Anonymous said...

The topic deserved the most knowledgeable proponents of each side, that is, a REAL debate.

"The silly no planer theories"

There is nothing whatsoever silly about "no planes" theory, that is, if you have a clue about the basic laws of physics.

If Prothink thinks "ALL leaders pushing the no planer theories are jews", they need to think again.

The record over the years is profoundly exactly the opposite. The people who worked the hardest to put down any intelligent discussion of no planes were entities like and 911blogger, both run by Jews and both, early on, would only listen to the likes of Steven Jones. They just hurled words like "silly", "clown" and "buffoon" by not one of them would ever pursue a real debate with a strong opponent to give the subject the full coverage it deserves. The main part of the 9-11 truth "movement" was taken over by those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit.

Again, I repeat, not one single person in 12 plus years who supported planes ever came forward and sought out a real debate, say with somebody like Dr. James Fetzer, to give the subject the full discussion it so deserves.

Sometimes I think Mami's is in Kindergarten when it comes to 9-11 truth.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing whatsoever silly about "no planes" theory, that is, if you have a clue about the basic laws of physics."

Oh so you a physicist?

"If Prothink thinks "ALL leaders pushing the no planer theories are jews", they need to think again."

Why because you say so? I can neither prove nor disprove they are all jews, can you?

How many converts have you 'won over' with the no plane nonsense. Be honest here...

"Sometimes I think Mami's is in Kindergarten when it comes to 9-11 truth."

Watch yourself here. My opinions do not represent Mami's site.

Itzda Joos said...

From the comments section of the last show on the topic -

JEANNON said...

"....I totally disagree with all except myself who have posted here and am most disappointed that no one wants to employ their brain and reasoning capacity...."

Roy Hobs said...

Jeannon....thanks for the laugh. Enjoy your club of 1.

I mean really JEANNON, I realise you're a bit of a zealot but if that's genuinely the way you feel about Mami's and everyone else who comments here then maybe it's time you found a new hole to bounce your echoes out of...

John Friend said...

"when Prothink expertly refutes the silly no-planer theories John flat out dodges his refutations arrogantly--as if they are too silly to address."

You've got to be kidding me man. Mike and Scott in no way "expertly refuted" the "no plane" theory or anything else I said. All Mike said was that "Simon Shack is a Jew and so are all the other 'no planers'" - his "refutation" of September Clues was totally incoherent and nonsensical. None of the core issues were ever addressed, namely that all the 9/11 imagery (the live media coverage and imagery of the event, in addition to the subsequent amateur footage) appears to be fabricated and that there are all sorts of problems with the alleged victims of 9/11. None of these issues were addressed in a rational, scholarly manner by either Scott or Mike. All they did was basically bash Simon the entire time.

rodin said...

There were no planes and yes rockclimber I AM a physicist.

@ Itzda Jews / Jeannon was not referring to MAMI in general but to the posts here. I hope you were being silly and not disingenuous

Anonymous said...

All I can say is you guys are being laughed at. At least with books like Masters of Deception we had a chance. Now this which I don't buy for a minute. I still say Mike handily won the debate. It's just pure ridiculousness so I have to wonder if all the leaders are jews ie, Masters of Deception.

Again my views do not represent Mami's site. I just can't play along with this ridiculous theory and I hope in the end that I am right and that you were played for fools.

If it smells like a turd it's usually a turd.

Furthermore I will ask you what I asked JEANNON:

"How many converts have you 'won over' with the no plane nonsense. Be honest here..."

Don Damore said...

John, John, John. I haven't listened to this one yet. So there were three of you on this show, two planers and one no-planer/pro-clues.

Looks like they left Ace Baker out of it. That's because he is much more difficult to debunk. If you are going to mix it with these two, "you gotta get mad".

I spent some time in the back yard yesterday, I listened to you and Piper on my on my headphones. Piper can talk, can't he? You are too much of a nice bloke, but did he give his listening audience any idea who shot JFK, answer no.

Are you telling me that even if I was to read his book I still wouldn't know the author's position?

The book is out of print and is available for free on-line. So no matter what is said now it is not going to generate or diminish any future sales.

You know Charles Giuliani said something on his show a few weeks ago which was very surprising. He said it was Jackie who shot JFK.

If you go to the Truth Hertz, Oracle archive and look at the shows in Jan 2011, he covered the JFK assassination. I haven't listened to them all yet, but he has already said that he has some surprising news on who he thinks shot and killed JFK. Charles has had his suspicions on who might have killed JFK for some time now, and I believe that he is going to declare that it was Jackie.

JFK was shot through the back of the head, so he could be right. No doubt he will make an affirmative case to prove his point.

What does the "Fakologist" guy think? Oh that's right, he thinks the JFK assassination was just on big psy-op. Actually there was a Dutch guy on his show many months ago who said it was Jackie, so perhaps not everything we hear on that blog is dis-info. I did listen to the wash-up with AB and Shack. Ab said he was very surprised the Ace baker had resurfaced.

Aleksa said...

I realy do not care how the buildings are brought down!!All i care is, WHO ORGANIZED IT!!??I am not a American,but this event still effects my life!
I dont give a fuck if it was nukes,NO PLANES,rockets,magnetic beam,,i just dont give a fuck!!

WHO IS SO POWERFULL TO ORGANIZE THIS EVENT!!?WHO!!?THATS ALL I CARE!If they did it once,they will do it AGAIN!!Lets find out who is behind it first!

Thats why i think Prothink has it 100% right on this one!Afther we find out who did it,we will get all details from the horses mouth!
All this speculations now at this moment are useless and devicive!!

Missing links is the best, most dengerous and truthfull documentary produced abouth 9.11!

I bet mr.Silverstein,Bush and the rest of the KOSHER CREW,afther we take over will lay it all out how it was done, and will be PUNISHED FOR IT!!

Civilian said...

Are the masses really going to take to the 'no planes theory' seriously and as a result, become involved in the truth movement?

It's as bad as telling folks that Jackie killed JFK.

Insanity at it's finest.


consti2tionalist said...

It's going to be a hard sell Civilian. Funny how John Friend pushes two of the worst things ever to push when we have so much more to work with.

He spends an inordinate amount of time on Hitler. Hitler is a tough sell because before you can convince people he is a good guy you have to get them past the holoco$t.

He pushes the no plane crap and with passion. I think that is even tougher to sell then Hitler and the holoco$t because on the surface it sounds so fucking stupid.

I really have to wonder about that guy as mentioned, given everything there is to work with and these are where he spends his time. Plus he's a CI dooshbag.

So let's boil this down.

He pushes Jew no planer theories.

He is CI, aka wannabe jew

He's still trying to sell Hitler.

Good grief.

So much to talk about today concerning our supremacist friends. They are giving you the rope but JF is giving you a thread.

Something smells stinky, kind of like gifilte fish