Sunday, January 19, 2014

Contempt of cop, America's defiance revolution

Increasingly, and openly, ordinary Americans are committing a legal act that some police nonetheless regard as among the most heinous of all offences: it's called contempt of cop.

It's otherwise known as asserting your constitutional rights.

Citizens, feeling empowered, are pointing smartphones, rather than just an accusing finger, at abusive authorities.

Civil libertarians with hidden cameras are challenging the so-called "suspicion-less" roadblocks that police set up to catch lawbreakers. Motorists and others are fighting back in the courts and online against police shakedown rackets on U.S. highways and elsewhere.

Everywhere, it seems, Americans are openly challenging arbitrary behaviour by those in authority.

Furthermore, they are winning. Not since the late 1960s have those in authority, from heavy-handed cops to the federal operatives sifting metadata in super-secret intelligence installations, been exposed to so much disinfecting sunlight.

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Anonymous said...

The word-is-getting-out to the stupid- and ignorant-masses, and the masses are becoming much less stupid and ignorant.


People have basically had enough, and every single day, the numbers of people who are aware is growing, as Daryl Bradford Smith said, "Once you become a pickle, you can never be a cucumber, again."


js said...

I love seeing US Citizens standing up for their rights, theses vids are awesome, and inspirational.
Do not surrender your inalienable rights to an Israel-trained ziocop!!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Inspirational. Pass it on....

Roy said...

All great stuff, but still depressing to hear the "Nazi" slogan. You don't realize how deep the brainwashing goes.