January 24, 2014

Sandy Hook debate: Jim Fetzer vs. Keith Johnson

Dave Gahary moderates a debate between Keith Johnson and Jim Fetzer, who tackle the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event.
Keith Johnson, an investigative journalist, radio talk show host and editor of Revolt of the Plebs, has for 17 years worked as a private investigator and polygraph examiner for several Fortune 500 companies and prominent law firms.
James H. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality.
McKnight Professor Emeritus at U of M Duluth, he has conducted research into the JFK assassination, 9/11, and Sen. Wellstone's death.
Scholars for 9/11 Truth founder, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), Render Unto Darwin (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010).
Jim is a contributor and editor at Veterans Today and hosts a radio show, "The Real Deal", M/W/F                                       Debate-page



Aleksa said...

Why the need to debeate these no brainers with their smoking machines on 9-11!?
Why giving them any publicity!?

These people are a part of a cult and nobody in the world will be able to convince them otherwise!

Let them go on with their sect and fantasies!

Legitimate hosts should ignore these people and not get involved in these silly moronic theories!

Its a matter of time when these crisis actor chasers and goldbug ear researchers will claim that twin towers in fact never existed,and that everyone in the history was an actor and a hoax!

Its like debating a person with a down syndrome!

Aleksa said...

Joh fetzer said,bla bla uhh,bla,uhh,bla bla hoax uhh,crisis actors uhh,sandy hook nobody died uhh,uhh!

Acording to the no brainers its easier for them to organize few hundred actors who will keep thier mouth shut insted finding a psycho who will do the work without any problems!

But no,our masters are not that evil,nobody died at 9-11,smoke machines are used,nobody died at Aurora and Sandy hook,they dont want to kill us they just want to scare us!

Silly!These cultists only do harm to us who are concerned for white race and jewish control!

Giving these people publicity is like giving monkey a gun!

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

How do you know what happened Aleksa? All you have is Name Calling with Zero merit behind what you think. Who controls your perspective is the Question that comes to mind!
What one should be Questioning is, If this did happen WHY, and if it did Not happen WHY are we being told it did!
I am very happy to know there are people like Mr. Fetzer in the World that has the Balls to stand up and give us his point of view.
Open up your eyes and understand what Damage SILENCE has given the World.

mephistopheles lux said...

In my opinion Fetzer demolished Johnson.

Unknown said...

So Aleksa believes in Conspiracy Theories that say Jews control things but any other conspiracy theory she cannot understand is foolish? Talk about a laughable hypocrite. Does Aleksa also believe that 6 million kikes were killed in the Holocrap or does she understand that it was that a laughable hoax? Aleksa cannot think logically.

Unknown said...

Jews are always calling names and smearing their opponents. It's there MO. This Dallas Goldbug connection holds no water at all, and yet they somehow connect the rantings of this insane nut to those who reveal all the disparities in the Sandy Hook incident. I can only view these namecallers as disinformation agents. I can get the same views as their's on the jewsmedia. They want to discourage anyone from looking at all the obvious inconsistencies of the government's narrative.

Anonymous said...

I put Sandy Hook right up their with Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and No planes.

Keep drinking the fluoride children! It has poisoned your thinking!

Unknown said...

Interesting look at Adam Lanza's clothing from Sandy Hook:


* As a former Marine who has seen dead bodies in Somalia and then working my way through college as a Hospital Security guy who had to bag the dead bodies and then transport them to the morgue in the basement, this video makes good points.

Unknown said...

Instead of polite discussion and debate we get giggling, condescending, accusatory with straw man issues. Greg Johnson, repeatedly misrepresenting Fetzer's allegations and questions, while excitedly making much of rather minor issues, basically claiming victory but in actuality making zero argument to the most important assertions made by Fetzer and then has the gall to snicker in the mike at Fetzer's rational, common sense, arguments .... what an embarrassing performance by Johnson. What a moron. Right on par with the non-arguments made by commenters here who have no factual points to make, who must resort to ad hominems.

Tim said...

both people are dodgy:



Anonymous said...

This was just awful, and I am intellectually-honest enough to say this. I would much rather have heard Mr. Michael Piper debate than Keith Johnson, for the reason that was obvious--Keith could not control his emotions, and was woefully ill-prepared to go up against a debate-juggernaut like Dr. Fetzer.

You all know where I stand on Sandy Hook, but as far as a debate goes, I can not lie and say that Keith Johnson won this--I just can not do it. When Mr. Michael Piper gets well-enough to do things like this, I really want HIM to debate this issue, and hopefully, that will be the last-word on this debacle.


NB: I am not alone in my feelings, but I do not expect some others to openly admit how the feel for various reasons, and that is understandable; however, I did want to say how I felt about this debate, and I am VERY, VERY disappointed in Keith Johnson's performance, on the whole.

Aleksa said...

Ken Horst@@

No, i do not belive in official story of Sandy hook but i also do not belive in smoking machines on 9-11,crisis actors and all these foolish fairy tailes presnted by these ear researchers!

I knew that i would be called an agent for not beliving in these silly theories!
If it makes you feel better,I AM AN AGENT,i work for the jews!Better now!

And by the way,all these six million at holoco$t were crisis actors!

I have no problem with people puting all these silly theories out,but i do have a problem when someone who so called is a WN and is against white geNOcide, promotes this filth!

It makes us people with real story and concernes look like idiots !

As i said, its a cult!

Unknown said...

Rarely ever do you see a level headed response when someone brings up Ed EarBug. Pretty much either love or hate. What I don't understand is that if "you" already know that the teLIEvision hasn't told you the truth in decades why all the animosity towards EarBug. Because he said it was a Greenburg? Because you didn't figure it out? Perhaps it is as simple as no one is ready to hear it yet?
To those of you who think it is unimaginable to keep a lie like this secret, it's time to stop being $oo naive, greater secrets are being kept from you at this very moment, with more at risk. They pulled off the magical 6 million FFS. There is likely more harm in ignoring EarBug's work than there is in paying attention to it because what "you" stand to lose can never be replaced.
In retrospect I believe all of this will be as silly as that CNN report by Charles Jaco during the 1990 Persian Gulf War, boy, our parents sure picked up on that one huh?!


Unknown said...

It makes us people with real story and concernes look like idiots!

This is such a bullshit excuse. Silly theories, so you say. What makes you an expert? Are you afraid that uninformed, unawakened, rank and file Amerikans/Brits/ or whoever might think you're nuts? These morons are so willfully stupid they'll probably never get it even while the authorities are hauling them away to a FEMA camp. Apparently, you believe the "holocaust" is a hoax. Yes, of course it is. Aren't you just as concerned someone might believe you're an idiot for thinking such things? Oh! the horrors!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Lone Frog ~ Goldbug has poured more crap into things than anyone is honest enough to admit.

In the very beginning he had an idea... but took it way too far and lost all credibility with some of his "he is so and so" etc stuff.

In the meantime his cult following still consider him a pro and go around saying Hitler was reincarnated as Disney or Bill Hicks became Alex Jones, etc. This stuff is a lot of time wasting blooey to mess things up considerably. Great diversion and dissension.

Linds ~ Sadly I agree with most of what you said about the Fetzer juggernaut.

Aleksa ~ If you can prove that the 6 million were all crisis actors you win a ticket to the heaven of your choice! Sorry, you must provide your own 72 virgins.

I have one memory from the SH mess that I keep in mind at all times. A short time after the event, the survivors were on tv to sing a song of some sort. It was all very very weird.

Anyhow, I forget the host but s/he asked one child after the song if he had been frightened. The child looked up and said "No, they told us it was just a drill" or something along that line, equally startling.

The clip disappeared mighty fast.

Civilian said...

So Keith presents facts as opposed to Fetzers opinions and folks still believe Fetzer won the debate?

Sure, Fetzer was alot more organised and kept it together but that doesn't take away from the fact, that all his points were counted and destroyed by Keith in the most basic of ways.

Keith is not a great public speaker and really struggled from the get go and he admitts this. But his eveidence, research is what really matters and that's where he demonstrates the difference between 'opinions' as opposed to evidence.

Piper is wasting his time and should not "debate" Fetzer. How do you do this with a man who claims that no planes hit the towers?


mephistopheles lux said...

In my opinion, Goldbug is a disinfo agent. I think maybe 10% of what he has released is legit, but the rest is designed to muddy the waters and to obfuscate the legitimate info.

Anyhow, in reagards to Sandy Hook I have no idea what really happened, but I am convinced the official story is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Fetzer won on manners and decorum. Sadly, the talented and witty K johnson is also prone to emotional outbursts which did him no favors in this exchange.

There should be no "debate" on this or other conspiracy issues. Rather there should be inquests: In the caser of the debate here - both johnson and fetzer would have made known to each other whta their evidence and talking points were

eg - Johnson would have told fetzer that fetzer's ballistic expert was know by 2 names and had been involved in dubious activities in Montana. Thus Fetzer could have investigated and perhaps shed light on what Mr J had presented.

in such a way we get a better idea of what is ture or not. Truth is not about who has the ace up his sleeve.

Aleksa said...

LOL,i do not belive in holoco$t at all!(i was sarcastic)
I just do not belive that who ever organised this ,thought that it is easier to hire few hundred actors instead of having a lunatic on pills wich will do what ever they want him to do!!WITHOUT WITNESSES!!

Ass i said,i do not belive in official story ,but i also do not belive that few hundred crisis actors wich would be able to keep their mouths shut!

This has become a cult,no point of debating these topics!
All of you probably belive in smoking machines on 9-11,planes never hit the buildings,all fireman were crisis actors,nobody died on 9-11,nibiru will hit the earth,elenin is very close,ison even closer!!!

Anonymous said...

"Anyhow, I forget the host but s/he asked one child after the song if he had been frightened. The child looked up and said "No, they told us it was just a drill" or something along that line, equally startling. "

Well that's the problem with Sandy Hoax evidence. It's all ambiguous supposition like 'Ohh the dad smiled for 5 secs, shouldn't he be crying'.

In your example, it's just as likely that teachers would tell younger students (during evacuation) that it's just a drill to keep them calm.

Point is, there are no smoking guns like 9-11 had. No Building 7, no dancing Israelis, no 'pull it Silverstein', no Bin Laden (denial) + Fake tapes, no boxcutter BS. Maybe it was a hoax but Fetzer and co's case is just smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Another day wasted on retards who have played one too many video games and smoked too many bowls...only a loon would buy into this nonsense.

"All of you probably belive in smoking machines on 9-11,planes never hit the buildings,all fireman were crisis actors,nobody died on 9-11,nibiru will hit the earth,elenin is very close,ison even closer!!!"

It's fucking madness ain't it?

This is the death of 9-11 and jewish conspiracies, you watch!

Anonymous said...

"This is the death of 9-11 and jewish conspiracies, you watch!"

Yes. We should be moving to a point where people like Fetzer and Duff are ignored because they're jews. Why can't they go preach to Israeli's or the local synagogue. Why the f*ck does our alt-media have to be filled with these tools.

Nope, they just get off on fleecing the goy.

Ian said...

Dam this was like back in the old days of Mamis, minus the fact that people weren't arguing with themselves.

Beep said...

Fetzer didn't debate he read out a pre-prepared script. The host might just as well read out the 10 reasons list on VT and ask Johnson to respond to it.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Fetzer wipes his opponents bottom.

Unknown said...


Fetzer doesn't believe in smoke machines or all the video footage on 9/11 being fake. He's done a pretty good job bashing those "September Clueless" folks. And credit must also be afforded to Don Fox.

The evidence brought out in his latest post on 9/11, highlights the Zionist lawyer 'Feinstein and the Zionist judge Hellerstein whom are both dedicated to not having any victim of 9/11 present their case in court.

Fetzer is probably right about SH as well.

I do want to ask him though if JFKs head shot is, video footage of a bullet entering or exiting the head of JFK.

Personally I think it is exiting.

Anonymous said...

Johnson is a TUT-man. You can not trust him

Christopher Marlowe said...

Who was that RETARD debating Fetzer?

He says that all people at the scene were wearing ID Lanyards that were created at the emergency event, but that the medical personnel didn't think it was necessary to actually bring the children out of the buildings to perform triage? How stupid is that? They made emergency lanyards but they didn't think resuscitation was necessary?

This was a pathetic debate. The RETARD debating Fetzer had zero evidence.

Anonymous said...

Smoke another bowl and play another video game their Chris the bible thumber who believe in fairy tales...Fetzer is a leftist retard who has lost his mind.